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  1. IMPORTANT: Prior to completing a Graduation Application, students should consult with their academic advisors, check their Degree Audits, and reference the appropriate Academic Catalog to make sure all graduation requirements will be met prior to the graduation date.
  2. Diploma Update: Please note that after one year of the degree being awarded; a replacement diploma request must be submitted in all cases.
  3. Diploma Name: Please note that the diploma name must match the legal first, middle, and last name on file with the University. To change your legal first and/or last name on the diploma and with the University, you must submit a Student Data Change Form with supporting legal documentation. You may locate the Student Data Change form via your MYUWF. Should you need assistance with accessing your MYUWF account you may contact

Application Dates and Deadlines:


  • Application Opens: September 19, 2022
  • Application Closes: February 5, 2023


  • Application Opens: February 6, 2023
  • Application Closes: June 4, 2023

FALL 2023

  • Application Opens: June 5, 2023 
  • Application Closes: September  17, 2023


  • Application Opens: September  18, 2023
  • Application Closes: February 4, 2024

Did you miss the deadline? Do you think you are eligible to graduate? 

Note: If you missed the deadline to apply online contact your academic advisor to verify your eligibility to graduate. Your advisor can contact us at to have you added to the prospective graduation list.  When you contact your department, you must provide them with the following information to forward to our office so that your graduation application can be created manually:

  • Student ID number: (970......)

  • Name (as you wish it to appear on your diploma):

  • Term in which you wish to graduate:

  • Major(s)/Minor(s) you are applying to graduate in:

  • Address (to where the diploma should be mailed):

Do you need to make changes to your graduation application or cancel your application?

To make any changes to the information on your graduation application, or to cancel your application, you must contact the Office of the Registrar by emailing

Please include the following information:

  • Student ID number: (970......)
  • Confirm Name (Legal Name on file):
  • Term in which you wish to graduate:
  • Major(s)/Minor(s) you are applying to graduate in:
  • Address (to mail diploma to):

If you are changing your Diploma Name, be sure all spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is correct; this is exactly how your name will appear on your diploma.

Viewing a Graduation Application
Viewing My Degree


For additional information on dates and deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar

For Commencement information, please refer to the Commencement Office website.             

Questions? Please email Graduation at


STEP 1: You must declare any majors/minors/certificates prior to being allowed to apply for graduation in that program. If you need to declare a major/minor/certificate and or change your major/minor/certificate, see: Declaring or changing a major or certificate program prior to submitting your request to apply for graduation. 

STEP 2: Apply to Graduate! See Instructions Below. 

Undergraduate, Master's, Specialist Degrees, PhD and Certificate Programs

  1. Select the Student Academic Records app in MyUWF.

  2. Click the Apply to Graduate link.

    apply to graduate link

  3. Select the term in which you most recently registered. (Example below: Choose Spring 2013 even if you are graduating in Fall 2019 and fall registration hasn't opened or you haven't registered for fall courses.)

    select a term dropdown and submit button

    a. The term displayed should be the term of the student's latest registration; the curriculum for that term will display.

    Not registered after Summer 2014?

    If you have not registered for courses after Summer 2014, you will not be able to apply for graduation online (there will be no term available in the drop down), please contact the Office of the Registrar, or email: with your information (be sure to include your Diploma Name if different from your name on record - be sure all spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is correct; this is how your name will appear on your diploma).

    Please include the following information:

    • Student ID number: (970......)
    • Confirm Name displayed: (Legal Name on file)
    • Term in which you wish to graduate:
    • Major(s)/Minor(s) you are applying to graduate in:
    • Address (to mail diploma to):

    b. If you do not have any curriculum eligible for which to apply for graduation, OR the online graduation applications are not yet open, you will receive the following message:

    error message for graduation application

  4. Verify the curriculum information is correct (correct degree and/or certificate program, etc) and select the radio dial next to the curriculum for which you wish to graduate. If the curriculum is incorrect, contact the Office of the Registrar to update your program information (may require submission of Change of Major form).

     current program and continue buttons

  5. Click Continue

  6. Select the Graduation Date (applications are only open for one term at a time).

    graduation dates drop down and continue buttons

  7. Click Continue

  8. Confirm the diploma name matches your Legal Name:

    1. Legal name will be printed on the diploma

    2. If your name has changed, a Student Data Change form will need to be submitted.

  9. Click Continue

  10. Using the "One of Your Addresses" drop-down menu, select a mailing address for the diploma.

    address drop down and continue button

  11. Click Continue

  12. Confirm the information displayed on the Diploma Mailing Address Selection screen is correct. You may update the information if incorrect.

     mailing address for diploma and continue button

  13. Click Continue

  14.  Review information found on the Graduation Application Summary page prior to submission.

    submit request button

  15.  Click Submit Request. You will get an Application Signature Page confirming your application has been successfully submitted.

     graduation application signature page

Double Major or Dual Degree

Double Major or Dual Degree


Students pursing more than one degree seeking program must submit the online graduation application for EACH program.

Follow the instructions below for each program for which you are applying to graduate. Please note:

  • Students must declare any/all programs before they can apply to graduate in any/all of them; see Declaring or changing a major or certificate program for more information.
  • To graduate with more than one degree seeking program, the requirements for both programs must be completed by the graduation date (this does not apply to Certificates and/or AA degrees).
  • If requirements for all undergraduate programs will not be met by the graduation date, graduation should either be delayed until all requirements are met, or the program that will not be completed should be dropped. 
    • See Declaring or changing a major or certificate program for more information on removing a program. 
    • After graduation, if a student decides to continue pursuing a program that was previously dropped, they must reapply through the Office of Admissions as a second degree seeking student. 
      • Please see the Academic Catalog for more information regarding second degree seeking requirements.
Associate of Arts (AA Degrees)

  • To qualify, a UWF student must meet the requirements outlined in the University Catalog.
  • The A.A. degree will not be awarded in the same semester that the baccalaureate degree is awarded or in any semester following the completion of the baccalaureate degree.
  • If you feel you may be eligible for an A.A. degree yet have not been awarded you may email us at 
  • If you have met General Education course requirements through an accelerated mechanism or through transfer credit, you must request a review of your transcript to determine eligibility for an AA?
  • Students may choose to opt out of being automatically awarded their Associate of Arts Degree.  Click here for the opt out form.
  • Students must contact the Certificate Program Advisor to initiate a declaration of certificate (at any level). The Advisor will initiate the electronic form and then it is passed to the student for acknowledgment. 

  • To apply for graduation (completion) in a certificate program, students should submit the online graduation application following the steps outlined above. You will choose your certificate program from the list of curricula outlined in Step #4.  
  • Please note that the Registrar's Office places the earned certificate in an awarded status. If a printed certificate is offered, it will be provided at the discretion of the Department offering the certificate program. 

If you are unable to apply for completion of your certificate via the online application, please first confirm that you have declared the certificate and it is listed as part of your curriculum. You can view this information through your Student Records menu by clicking "View Student Information." If you have confirmed that the certificate has been declared and you still cannot submit the online application, please contact for assistance.

Doctoral Programs
  • Candidates for a Doctoral Degree, EdD, should complete and submit the Doctoral Application for Graduation (paper or electronic form ONLY) to the Doctor Support Center in the College of Education and Professional Studies by the appropriate deadline.

  • There is no application for graduation for a minor(s).  
  • Minors are only awarded concurrently with a Bachelor's degree.
  • Students who have declared a minor and who have met all requirements for the minor by the graduation date, will automatically have the minor awarded at the point of degree conferral. 
  • If you have declared a minor(s), but will not meet the requirements by the graduation date, you must either postpone your graduation or remove your minor.
    • To remove your minor (you no longer wish to receive the minor), use the Change of Major form (linked above in the AA section, or see Declaring or changing a major or certificate program ) to remove/delete the minor(s).
    • To postpone/cancel your graduation application (to continue requirements for your minor/program), please notify or contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.