The University offers file storage services that are linked directly to UWF ArgoNet accounts.  For students leaving UWF, they should follow the instructions in this article, so that they could take their files and other data with them.

Once your ArgoNet account is downgraded to a limited access MyUWF account, your files and email messages will be deleted and cannot be recovered

We strongly recommend that former students download any files they wish to keep from their H drive and Google account before their ArgoNet accounts are downgraded.  If they do not already have a personal email address, they can create a free Google account.

Preparing your ArgoNet Account for Downgrade

For an Automatic Downgrade, Verify your Information is Up-To-Date

A verified external email address is required for the automatic downgrade to take place. Without a verified external email address, additional steps will be required to access transcripts or other academic data in the future. To prepare your ArgoNet account for automatic downgrade to a MyUWF account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to MyUWF
  2. Open the My Account App
  3. Select Update External Email Address
    1. Follow the on-screen instruction to update and verify your external email address

To help keep your MyUWF account secure, it is strongly recommended that your external email address be set up with Multifactor Authentication if possible. 

Remove External Services from your Gmail Account

Your official UWF email address was issued to you for the purpose of facilitating business with the University If you have set up your UWF email address as the primary account on any computers/mobile devices, online sites and services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or have used your UWF email as a password recovery email address, we strongly recommend you change from your UWF email address to a personal email address as soon as possible.

Migrating Google Services

Email & Google Drive (G: Drive)

To copy your email and Google Drive files to a personal Gmail account, visit the link below:

Copy content from your school account to another account


To migrate your contacts to a personal Google account, visit the link below:

Export or back up contacts

Download an Archive of Google Service Data

To download an archive of your data stored across multiple Google Services*, visit the link below:

Download your data

*Note: This data may require additional steps to import into another service or account.

Migrating UWF File Storage (H: Drive)

You may access your H: Drive to download files with the instructions below:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

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