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Your courses may not show in eLearning or you may not have access to eLearning for a number of reasons. Please refer to the explanations below to determine a scenario why your courses may not be available.


  • The term has not started yet

Not all courses start on the same date. Course start and end dates vary based on the semester Term.  Classes should show in eLearning after 8am Central Time on the start date provided.  The start date is dependent on when your instructor has set the course to begin in eLearning.  To see what day your class begins, access your schedule in the My Classes app in MyUWF (see below).

start and end dates for courseImage Modified

When clicking on the "Details" button, if you see "eLearning (not yet available)," this means the instructor has not set Early Access, but the course will be available on the first day of the term:


eLearning not yet availableImage Modified


  • The instructor has not activated the course yet

The instructor may not have activated your course in eLearning. To check the status of your course, access the My Classes app in MyUWF. Then, click the "Details" button next to the course you would like to check. If the course has not yet been activated, the course will show "Not an eLearning course":


not an eLearning courseImage Modified


  • You registered (or dropped) the course today

If you add or drop a course today, the change will be reflected in eLearning the following day by 8 am Central Time, during our next system synchronization. 


  • You activated your ArgoNet account today

If you activated your ArgoNet account today, you will not have access to eLearning until the following day by 8 am Central Time, during our next system synchronization.


  • The course does not have an eLearning component

Some courses may not have an eLearning component. Instructors often use eLearning as a teaching tool, but others may not need it for their particular section. For face-to-face classes, this may be the case. Please check with your instructor and syllabus to ensure the course should have an eLearning component.


  • What about Early Access?

Some instructors choose to grant Early Access to their courses, allowing you to get a head-start on coursework. However, not all instructors choose this option. If your instructor has granted Early Access you will see a link to "Go to eLearning" under "Details" in the My Classes app in MyUWF:


go to elearning linkImage Modified


  • When do my old classes go away?

Courses from the previous semester will remain in eLearning until two business days before the first day of the new semester.


  • Why do I see a different class than the one I registered for?

Many times, courses will be linked together to allow the instructor to manage multiple sections. Therefore, the Course Reference Number (or CRN) may be different from what is shown in your class schedule.