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  Current Alerts
Alert PriorityDate PostedAlert
Notice Feb 16, 2024
30 days
Possible Network Issue   The network fiber for building 71 has been damaged by construction activities. Internet and phone service in building 71 is unaffected at this time but this could change if the damage accelerates before new fiber can be installed.
Priority 3 Jan 16, 2024 8:25PM Evisions/Argos   Evisions/Argos is currently operational, but recent reports indicate issues. We're monitoring closely. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Alert LegendMeaning
Priority 1

The system is completely down. No one can use it at this time.

Priority 2 or
Priority 3
  • The system has bugs that may affect some users.
  • The system may be down for some users, but not all.

The system has upcoming maintenance or upgrades scheduled.  The system may be down during this period

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