Whether you telecommute regularly or simply need to be able to work from home on occasion, there are tools to ensure that you can continue to perform your job with ease. Online meetings can be held, files can be accessed and stored online via Google Drive, your computer screen can be presented to colleagues, and more! Below are tools that will help you work remotely.

Faculty Resources

Attention Faculty: for more resources regarding Academic Continuity, please also refer to the "Keep Teaching" information available here: http://uwf.edu/GOLD

Temporary Suspension of Mandatory Password Changes

ITS is temporarily suspending mandatory password changes (previously set to 1 year) until we resume more normal operations. Technical details regarding this decision and communication.


  • MyUWF - UWF’s web portal; accessible on current desktop and mobile web browsers


  • Gmail - official method of UWF correspondence

eLearning (Canvas)


  • Confluence - collaborative work spaces where teams can find documented processes, how-to guides, and other useful information

Web and Videoconferencing

Google Meet and Zoom Feature Comparison (Videoconferencing Comparison)


File Storage

  • Google Drive - cloud-based collaborative storage service used to share documents

Mobile Apps


  • Tableau - reports and data visualizations  

Technology Alerts


Service Desks


  • Jira - system used for project management and issue tracking (for those who work Jira tickets)


  • ArgoApps - hosted applications and virtual desktops that allow UWF students, faculty, and staff to access specialized computer applications

Banner Browser

Remote Desktop

  • Remote Desktop - remote access to Windows computers 
  • Requires use of UWF’s RDP Gateway
  • Available for most faculty and staff with a properly configured Windows desktop office computer

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Eduroam Wi-Fi

  • Eduroam - worldwide roaming network only available at participating educational institutions by logging in with ArgoNet credentials

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Speed Test

  • https://fast.com - check off-campus internet connectivity speed
  • Not hosted by UWF

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075

Distance Learning
Remote Tools
Remote Access

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