State of Florida employees classified as permanent full-time employees may be allowed to register on a space-available basis at the University for a maximum of six semester hours of tuition-free courses per semester. State of Florida employees include employees of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government. Persons employed by state universities, community colleges or school districts are NOT eligible for a State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver.

 The state waiver program does not allow overrides into closed classes. If you are granted an capacity override for a closed class, you will be fee liable for the course.

If a teacher has been issued a Florida Certificate of Participation form, they do not need to wait until drop/add to register for courses; this is a different program from the State Employee Tuition Waiver. This program may be referred to different ways. Some (typically teachers) refer to it as the Florida Certificate Participation Program, but UWF Auxiliary Services (Bldg. 20, Rm 151), who oversees the program at UWF, refers to it as the Intern Participation Program. They can register by their student status according to the dates in the Academic Calendar. Only matriculation fees are covered under the certificate. The student is liable for any outstanding fees by the fee payment deadline. Once the student's account is coded by the Cashier's Office, the remaining balance can be viewed and paid through MyUWF. Questions about this program should be referred to UWF Auxiliary Services at 850-474-3012. Registration issues may be addressed to the Office of the Registrar.

UWF employees using their Employee Tuition Fee Waiver SHOULD NOT follow the policy on this page but should instead contact Human Resources at 850-474-2694 or hr@uwf.edu. UWF employees can find more information on the UWF Perks site under Educational Opportunities.

Registration Procedures:

Below are the registration procedures specific to state employees wishing to use the State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver. For policies that may affect your registration, please see the University Catalog.

  1. Students must be admitted to the university prior to registering. Apply online at http://uwf.edu/admissions.
  2. Complete a State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver form and include an email address as this is UWF's primary form of communication.
  3. Students may register online during the state employee registration period--during the drop/add period only (term specific)-- by accessing MyUWF and using the Registration app.
  4. After course registration, submit the completed State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver form form--during the drop/add period only (term specific)--to the Office of the Registrar. Forms are accepted in person, via email at registrar@uwf.edu or by fax at (850)473-7345. Resubmit the form if you add additional classes, change your classes or add a classes to a future Part of Term. Submitting the form alerts the Office of the Registrar that changes were made to your schedule.
  5. After the state employee registration period begins, the Office of the Registrar will review submitted forms for registration compliance and remove any late registration fees.
  6. Students may review their fee assessment online by accessing MyUWF and using the Fee Assessment app in the Financial Resources folder. Fees will be assessed with a balance due until compliance and eligibility have been approved and the fee waivers have been applied. The fee system generally updates during the week of drop/add.
  7. If a State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver form is not received during the drop/add period of the the current semester, the student is tuition and fee liable for the courses.

Policy for use of State Employee Waivers for programs involving Academic Partnerships is listed here  

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