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End users without Argonet usernames and passwords may have to submit forms using Dynamic Forms.  Examples of these users include prospective students who haven't applied for admission, parents, and non-UWF advisors. These individuals will have to create a Dynamic Forms account to submit forms created with this software.  This process should take two minutes.

Current students and any other users with active Argonet usernames and passwords should disregard this instructions page. These users already have Dynamic Forms accounts automatically created for them.


Step 1

Go to Dynamic Forms.

Step 2

Click the Get Started button.

Step 3

Complete the fields and click the Create Account button.

Step 4

You should see the following screen.  If you do, then Dynamic Forms will send you an activation e-mail.

Step 5

Go to your e-mail account and find the e-mail from with the subject line "Activate your account."  Click the Activate Your Account link.

Step 6

Click the Continue button.

Step 7

Close the window.