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In addition to an Advising PIN, all students are also assigned a Time Ticket which specifies when the student is/is not allowed to register for courses. Students can view their Time Ticket in Student SSB-> Student tab-> Registration app-> Registration status link.




  1. Search for, then select the Registration application in MyUWF.
    1. The Student tab should automatically be selected.
  2. Choose the Registration app.
  3. Select the Add or Drop Classes link.

  4.  Select the term for which you are trying to register-> Submit
  5.  Enter the Alternate PIN assigned to you by your advisor-> Submit
  6.  To search for courses, click the Course Search button.
    •  If you search by subject only, you will need to click the View Sections button to see all section of the course.
  7. To perform a more detailed search, click the Advanced Search button.
    1. The screen should now look like this:
  8. Enter the search criteria and click Class Search.
    1. All available courses and sections will then appear.
      • You can enter as much or at little search criteria as you would like- the more criteria you search by, the more specific the search will be (will limit the number of courses that appear).
  9. Check the box for the course you want to register for.
  10. Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen.
    • You will then be redirected to the Current Schedule page that will display any courses you have successfully registered for, as well as any registration add errors.
      • Students on Academic Probation are only allowed to register for a maximum of 14 credit hours.
  11. If you already know the 5 digit CRN for the courses you plan to register for, you can enter each directly into the boxes under the CRNs section in the Add or Drop classes Worksheet.
    1. Click the Submit Changes button once you have entered the CRN’s.


 Can faculty/staff edit a student's schedule in SSB?

No. Faculty/staff can only edit a student's schedule in INB.

 What if a student is unable to register themselves via SSB (accessed from a link in MyUWF)?

All students are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration in order to receive an Alternate PIN which will allow them access to registration. If a student has not met with his/her advisor, he/she will need to do so in order to gain access to registration.

In addition to PINs, all students have an assigned time in which they can register. Students will not be allowed to register prior to their time ticket. Will the time ticket close?

Students may also have various holds preventing registration. Students are able to view holds via the Registration Status link in SSB. Students should contact the appropriate office to determine how to have their hold removed.

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