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Variable credit hour courses are built by the Office of the Registrar on an as needed basis.

Variable hour courses are as follows:

  • Directed Study
  • Internship
  • Independent Study
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Applied Music

This form is available for students to complete, and route to their appropriate instructor and chair. Once completed, the form will route to the Registrar's Office, where the course will be created and student will be registered based on information provided on the form.



Students should always consult with their advisors prior to initiation of this form.


Option 1: Students will be able to access the Variable Credit Hour Registration Form via MyUWF which will require logging in with your Argonet ID and password. Students will be able to complete and submit the form online. The Registrar's Office staff will process the form. 

NOTE: This option will no longer be available after October 28th (See Option 2 below).

Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for the variable hour form - type keywords, "variable hour," "variable credit," or "directed study."  

Image of search screen in MyUWF

Step 2

Student should then fill out course information. All areas with an * are required. Once completed, click the Next button.

page 1 of variable hour form

Step 3

Complete the contact information for both the Instructor AND the Department Chair. Save and then click Next.

Image of variable credit hour registration form

Step 4

The Student Agreement will then need to be completed. Click Next.

Image of student agreement page in variable credit hour registration form

Step 5

For students - just click "Next." Do NOT complete any portion of this page.

departmental approvals page in variable credit hour registration form

Step 6

Fill in the instructor's information; click Next. 

image of instructor's information page

Step 7

Sign and submit the form online.

Image of electronic signature page in variable credit hour form

Step 8

You will see the following screen after submission of your form online. 

Image of successful completion of form

Option 2: Students must contact their advisor and department for exact course required and they will submit a JIRA Request for a Variable Credit Course for the student to the Registrar's Office, who will then create the course.  The Registrars Office will provide

the CRN to the initiator who will then provide override for the student to register in the correct course. 


 What if I'm not sure of the course number and other information?

We encourage you to always consult with your advisor prior to completing this form. They will assist you to make sure all of the registration information is inputted correctly.

 How can I check the status of my form?

Students may track the status of their form through Dynamic Forms in the "Pending/Draft Forms" option.

Image of dynamic forms welcome screen

 Who do I contact if I have questions about this?

Please email with any questions or concerns.