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This article outlines the procedure of Connecting to ArgoAir on an Ubuntu or Linux Mint 17.3 based machine.


Step 1

Navigate to the Network Manager, an applet included in the default panel.

screenshot of Network Manager


Step 2

Select Network Settings. This will bring up a menu that will populate with available wireless networks. NOTE: Do NOT select "uwf-argo-air" in the menu at this stage. (See FAQ for details.)

Instead, select "Connect to a Hidden Network."

connect to a hidden network button

Step 3

In the menu that appears, select the "New..." option in the Connection dropdown menu.

Type "uwf-argo-air" as the Network Name.

network name field

Step 4

Select "WPA & WPA2 Enterprise" in the Wi-Fi security dropdown menu.

After selecting the security type, more fields should appear.

For the Authentication field, select PEAP in the dropdown menu.

Wi-Fi security and authentication dropdowns


Step 5

For the fields that have not been adjusted, select as follows:

  • The Anonymous Identity field needs to remain empty.
  • The CA Certificate needs to remain as (None).
  • The PEAP version needs to be Automatic.
  • The Inner authentication needs to be MSCHAPv2.
  • The Username field needs to be the ArgoNet username.
  • The Password field needs to be the ArgoNet password.


another various hidden wi-fi configurations to consider

Step 6

Verify that all of the fields have been entered correctly. After doing so, select the "Connect" option in the bottom right corner of the window.

Step 7

At this point, the computer should connect to ArgoAir.


 Why can't I select "uwf-argo-air" in the Networking box?

Selecting uwf-argo-air from the Networking box will cause the computer to attempt to connect to ArgoAir without submitting the proper ArgoNet credentials. This will cause it to stay in a "Connecting" state. Once set up, selecting uwf-argo-air in the Networking box will allow the computer to send the proper credentials.

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