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The Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) allows students the opportunity to provide confidential feedback about their courses and instructors.

Evaluations are offered exclusively online. They are available starting three weeks prior to the course end date displayed in My Classes and are available until the start of the following term.  For the courses that end after the start of the following term, the evaluations will close 3 days after the course ends.  The course end date (Last Day of Classes) can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Mandatory SAI

Starting March 26th, 2016 SAI's will be mandatory. This means that a SAI must be completed by the end of each course for courses with an active enrollment of more than 5, or a hold will be placed on the student record. The SAI evaluation hold, or Grade Hold, will prevent students from viewing their unofficial transcript, their Degree Works audit, and their final grades. All enrolled courses must have a completed evaluation before the hold will be removed.

Courses are ordered within the SAI app according to relevance.  Any course that has a hold on it due to mandatory SAI will be listed at the top.  They will be in a section titled "Courses With a Grade Hold".  It is important to evaluate these courses in order to view grades and receive a transcript.

Degree Work Access

Once all evaluations are completed and no other courses appear in this section, your grade hold will be lifted.  If you are logged into Degree Works, you MUST log out and back in in order to access your Degree Audit. 

Just below the courses with a hold are the "Current Courses".  If there aren't any courses with a hold these will be displayed at the top.  These are current and future courses.

Current Courses section

Lastly, any older courses from the previous term will be listed at the bottom of the page with a heading of "Old Courses".

Old courses section


Step 1

Access SAI evaluations from either the My Classes app or the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) app in MyUWF.

Three weeks prior to the course end date, My Classes will link to the evaluation form.  You have to click the Evaluations button to access the evaluation form.

If the course requires an evaluation, the button text will be red, otherwise it will be black.

The button will read "Evaluations Open" until there are only 48 hours remaining.  The button will then read "48 hours left". The hour will continue to count down until 0 remain.  

My Classes app

If you attempt to access the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) app before evaluations are available, you will be unable to begin an evaluation.  A blue label will have the date the evaluation will become available next to the course.

Available dates

Step 2

Select a course/instructor and click Evaluate. If a course has more than one instructor, a separate evaluation will be available for each.  If the course requires an evaluation, the text "Evaluation Required" will be displayed above the Evaluate button in red.  If the course does not require an evaluation you will not see this red text.

Evaluate link

Step 3

Fill out the evaluation, and then click Submit at the bottom of the evaluation form.

Submit button

Step 4

Back on the main page within the SAI Evaluation app, there will be an indicator that your evaluation has been submitted.

Evaluation Submitted message

Meanwhile, the buttons in the My Classes app will continue to say Evaluation Open until the deadline approaches and passes.

Course Labels

In the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI), each course has a label to the right of their listing indicating the status of the evaluation.  Below is a description of what each label means.  Use these labels to determine if you have completed your evaluations.


Label for available date

The course evaluation period has not arrived yet. The date listed on the label will indicate when it will be available to evaluate.

label for evaluate

The course is open to evaluate and it has not yet been evaluated.

label for completed evaluation

An evaluation was completed for the course.

label for closed evaluation

The course did not have an evaluation completed for it and the date is now past the evaluation period.

label for closed and optional evaluation

The course did not have an evaluation completed for it, the evaluation for the course was optional, and grades (other than an incomplete) have been posted for the course.



 What is the last day I can submit an evaluation?

The SAI end date is the last day you can complete an evaluation, which is the start of the following term for the majority of classes. On occasion a course will end after the start of the following term; in this case the SAI end date will be 3 days after the course ends. After the SAI end date, the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) app will show a red indicator that evaluations are closed.

Old Courses section

 Will my instructor know which ratings/comments are from me?

No. Instructors will not have access to any information that associates you with the information you provide. Your feedback will not be made available to your instructor or to the academic department until after grades are posted for the course.  

 Can I edit my evaluation after I click Submit?

No. Evaluations can only be submitted once and cannot be edited after submission. 

ITS Help Desk

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