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Departments and organizations can have their own space on a UWF server for saving files and posting websites. This space works just like your personal H: drive, but can be shared with multiple people.

Not sure if your department/organization has file storage space?

If you have a department/organization email account, then you also have storage space. If not, DISReps are authorized to request additional accounts on behalf of the areas they represent.

How do I open the file storage space?

First, you must be an authorized to use the account
Only certain people are authorized to use department and organization accounts. To see if you have access, search in MyUWF ( for File Storage. If the account is listed in your "File storage" section, then you already have permission to open the file storage space. To request permission, contact the Responsible Party for that account. If you need assistance identifying a Responsible Party for an ArgoNet account, review the list of Department and Organizational ArgoNet Accounts or contact the ITS Help Desk at (850) 474-2075 or

Method 1: Map a network drive 
This method is advised for those who work on campus and use the same UWF computer every day. Mapping a network drive creates a permanent connection to your H: drive. Contact your technology support provider for assistance.

Method 2: MyUWF - File Storage
Search for File Storage in MyUWF. Open it and click the account name link.

Method 3: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
More advanced users can access their drives with Filezilla FTP Software.

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075