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Google Drive File Stream allows you to easily access files stored in your Google drive from campus computer labs or other resources like ArgoApps.

What is Google Drive?

All UWF Students and Faculty have a Google account which includes access to Gmail, Google Apps, and the ability to store files in their Google Drive.

Click here for more information about Google Apps (including Google Drive)

Why use Drive File Stream?

Users of some campus computer labs or other resources, such as ArgoApps, have virtually nowhere to save files. Google Drive can be accessed from anywhere and provides users a large storage quota to store many files. Once configured on ArgoApps, Drive File Stream automatically attaches your Google drive to whatever virtual application or desktop you use - each time you log in!

How to Setup

You may have to perform the setup instructions each time you access a computer.

Upon logging in, you may be prompted to log into Google Drive File Stream. If not, open 'Drive File Stream' from the start menu or programs folder.

  1. Enter your e-mail address like you're signing into Gmail.
    field for email address

  2. Enter your password.

  3. You may be prompted to confirm your identity. If so, follow the on-screen steps to verify your account.
    field for phone number

  4. All set! Once finished, you should see a quick animation. You can use your Google drive with any application on the computer.

Using Google Drive File Stream



What is ArgoApps?

ArgoApps is UWF's hosted application & virtual desktop environment which provides users access to specialized applications from nearly any device (Computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.) anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Click here for more information about ArgoApps

ITS Help Desk

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