With the approval of the student’s assigned Academic Advisor, undergraduate students may take selected courses on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis using the Grade Mode Change Request form. All grade mode changes must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at registrar@uwf.edu by the deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. It is the responsibility of the student to understand the restrictions and implications surrounding usage of Pass/Fail and Audit grades as outlined in the University Catalog.

Changing the grade mode of a course could affect enrollment status, financial aid, etc. Please check with all the appropriate offices before changing the grade mode of a course.

Different grade modes may have different time frames in which students may opt to return to a Standard Letter Grade for the course.

For additional information, please see the Pass/Fail Grading Option and Audit Grading portions of the Registration Policies and Procedures.

Viewing Grade Mode

Depending on the course, students may have the option to select Pass/Fail and/or Audit grade mode options. If the desired grade mode option does not appear in Step 2 below, then that grade mode is not an option for the course.

  1. Log into MyUWF and access the Registration Menu app. Then, click on the "Registration" link.
  2. Select "View Registration Information".
    This screenshot shows the Registration menu and indicates to click on the View Registration Information link.

  3. Click the "Active Registrations" tab. The details within this view will show the grade mode for the course.
    This screenshot shows the View Registration information and indicates to click on the Active Registration tab. Click the Active Registrations tab. The details within this view will show the grade mode for the course.

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