The Registration Status link page includes the following information and can be accessed using the Registration Menu app in MyUWF: Time Ticket, Holds, Academic Standing, Student Status, and Permits/Overrides.
  • Time Ticket

A Time Ticket is a registration day/time assigned to a student. Below displays the order for Advanced Registration.

Regardless of how long a Time Ticket is effective for, you will only be able to register for courses during that course's specific registration period. Courses that are offered during different parts of term may have different add/drop periods.

To view your most recent, applicable Time Ticket, please see Updating your Time Ticket.

Advanced Registration (See the Academic Calendar for actual dates)

             Day 1:

        • Currently enrolled graduate degree seeking students
        • Veterans Students and their Dependent/Spouses using benefits registered with Military & Veteran's Resource Center
        • Honors Students
        • Students registered with Student Accessibility Resources
        • Athletes
        • Students registered with Student Success Programs
        • International Incoming Exchange students (with IEIS attribute)
        • MARC & Chem Scholars
        • Seniors with active graduation application on file
        • STEM LLC
        • Academic Success Program (ASP)

Day 2:

        • Currently registered Seniors without graduation application on file

       Day 3:

        • Currently registered Juniors

       Day 4:

        • Currently registered Sophomores

       Day 5:

        • Currently registered Freshmen
  • Holds

For information on how to view your holds, please see Viewing Holds

  • Academic Standing

Students in Good Standing, on Academic Warning and Probation are allowed to register for courses. Students who have an Academic Standing of Suspended are not allowed to register for courses and must be reinstated prior to registration.

  • Student Status

Your student status refers to whether you are an active or inactive students. Students become inactive after not taking courses at UWF for 3 semesters. Inactive students must apply for readmission.

  • Permits and Overrides

A permit or override would be issued by an academic department and/or advisor to make an exception to allow a student to take a course which he/she would not normally be allowed to register for. Permits and overrides may also be required for registration for certain types of highly restricted courses.


All of the information below can be accessed and performed through the Registration Menu app in MyUWF. All of the links below lead to step-by-step instructions on performing the actions in MyUWF.

Time Tickets

  1. Search for, then select the Registration Menu app in MyUWF (if you search for Time Tickets, this is the app that will appear).

  2. Click "Registration"
  3. Click the "Prepare for Registration" option.

    This screenshot shows the Registration Menu with a red box and arrow indicating to click on the Prepare for Registration link.

  4. Choose the term for which you are trying to register. (You may also do this by choosing the Select Term link first instead of Registration Status.)

    • Click Continue.

    This screenshot shows the drop down bar, indicating to select a term for registration.

  5. Your Time Ticket will appear at the top of the page.

    This screenshot is an example of the Prepare for registration link where it shows Registration Status.

    1. If your priority registration has changed since your time ticket was created, you may be eligible to update your time ticket. For more information on updating your time ticket, please see Updating your Time Ticket.


  1. Search for, the select the Registration Menu app in MyUWF (if you search for Time Tickets, this is the app that will appear).

  2. Follow Steps 1-4 as listed above.

  3. Your Registration Permits and Overrides will appear towards the bottom of the page.
    This screenshot is an example of displayed registration overrides that appear in the Prepare for Registration section.


You are assigned a time ticket based on student classification as well as any student attribute or cohort you have on your record. If your classification or student status changed (i.e., you had transfer hours added to your record, bumping you up from a junior to a senior), you qualify for an earlier time ticket. You will need to select the "update your time ticket" link on the registration status screen. You can also search for the app in myUWF by typing "Priority Registration" in the search bar. The app will never give you a later time ticket, even if your status dictates that your registration period should be later.

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