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This page is designed to assist you with understanding the meaning behind a graduation status code. This may present if an application for graduation has been canceled as the message emailed to the student will indicate the reason which is the graduation status code.


Graduation Status Codes

CodeDescriptionUsed For
APAction Pending
CDCancelled by Department
CRCancelled by Off. of the Registrar
CSCancelled by Student
DRDegree RescindedThis will only be used if/when a degree is revoked due to some type of conduct or college/university action that results in the loss of a degree being awarded.
FDFinal Review Denied
MDApplication Moved to New Term
MRMissing Requirements
NENot Eligible for Degree TypeThis code is used when an application for an A.A. Degree cannot be processed for final conferral of the degree because the student does not have 15 credits of UWF coursework specifically completing the General Education requirements. This is a requirement of earning the A.A. degree per Florida Statute.
NRGraduation Status Not Reviewed
OPOpt Out of AA OptionThis code is used for any student that filled out/identified as not wanting to receive the A.A. Degree.
OTOn Track to Graduate
PHPosthumous DegreeThis code is used only when a degree is awarded Posthumously
WGWill Graduate


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