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The page explains how to submit the required documentation to request that your current SEVIS record be transferred to the University of West Florida. For help with this process, please contact International Programs at


IMPORTANT: Please notify UWF International Programs if you intend to transfer your SEVIS record to UWF. Email to This will inform the advising team that you will be transferring your record. If you do not notify International Programs that you will be requesting a transfer of your SEVIS record from your current school to UWF, a new Form I-20 may be created for you. 

After being admitted into a degree program or being accepted into the Intensive English Program, there are several documents required before the university can issue immigration documents. The documents required are a copy of a valid passport and a certification of your financial support. Students requesting to transfer a Form I-20 are required to submit the International Student Transfer Form.

(warning) International Student Transfer forms are not processed until admission is confirmed and financial documentation is submitted.

Complete the Proof of Identity and Financial Support for Immigration Form

In order to submit this documentation, complete the Proof of Identity and Financial Support for Immigration in MyUWF. Go to Submitting Proof of Identity and Financials for the Issuance of Form I-20s and DS-2019s for instructions. 

Work with Your Current School to Complete the International Student Transfer Form

After International Programs has approved your financial documents, submit the International Student Transfer Form.   The form can be downloaded below.

Note: Be sure to provide a copy of your UWF admission letter with the transfer form to your current international advisor. If you need a copy of your admission letter, contact the admissions office.

The form is completed by you and your current international student advisor. You complete Part 1.

part 1 of form

Submit the form to your current international student advisor. You will work with your current advisor to set a date to transfer your SEVIS record to UWF (transfer release date).

Your current international student advisor completes parts 2 and 3 and sends the completed form to UWF at 

part 2 of form

Below is an example of a correctly completed International Student Transfer Form.

example of completed form

Receive your I-20 

When the transfer release date arrives, UWF International Programs will issue a Form I-20. You can pick up your I-20 in the International Center when you arrive. If you would like your I-20 sent to you, please contact to arrange shipping.

Please note that it is important to keep all Forms I-20 for your records. You will need them to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Report your Arrival

When you arrive at UWF, complete check-in at the International Center (Building 71). To check in, bring your I-20, passport and visa to your appointment with your international student advisor.


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