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Awards are intended to foster research between faculty and UWF's most promising undergraduate students and to support undergraduates presenting at professional conferences.


  • Must be enrolled as an undergraduate, degree-seeking student
  • In good standing with the University of West Florida

    Funding is limited

    Due to resource limitations, the awarding of grants is competitive. The University intends to achieve the broadest possible impact with the funds available. Therefore, some applications recommended for funding may only receive partial support. Undergraduate students should explore other sources of funding prior to applying for this grant. Any additional sources of funding should be noted and accounted for in the budget narrative and amount of the request.


Award Information

Applicants may request a maximum of $1,000 per request, and awards are limited to two (2) separate OUR Travel Awards during the degree program while at the University of West Florida, OR a maximum of $2,000 in OUR Travel Awards total. 

OUR/CREO will fund 80% of individual undergraduate researcher travel awards and the remaining 20% will be supplemented by the undergraduate researcher's College (these funds can be from either the college or department or a combination of both). Students will secure the commitment from their college for the 20% via the Dean's signature on the OUR Travel Award Letter of Commitment

Guidelines and Instructions 

OUR Travel Award Procedures and Guidelines

OUR Travel Award Rubric

OUR Travel Award Application

Students should complete the Letter of Commitment with their faculty mentors, department chair, and College Dan prior to accessing the award application. The signed Letter of Commitment secures the required 20% contribution from the college and/or department.  

Applicants will attach the following documents (saved as individual .PDFs) to their application. Students should gather all necessary documents before beginning the application process, as applications cannot be saved and accessed at a later date:

  1. Budget narrative (1 page minimum; written description of all expenditures, additional sources of funding, total budget requested, as well as copies of price quotes for expenditures)
  2. Faculty mentor recommendation letter(s) (should comment on the student's ability to make a professional presentation and how this presentation relates to the faculty mentor's own research or scholarly and creative activities, the merit of the presentation, the potential impact on the student's educational development and future goals, and how well respected the conference is) 
  3. Description of student role(s) in the conference (abstract(s) of all presentations, description of competition, or other details describing participation in the conference) 
  4. Presentation acceptance(s)/confirmation(s) (if already accepted at time of application- can be copy of email of acceptance, screen shot of abstract in digital program, etc.) 
  5. Signed OUR Travel Award Letter of Commitment
  6. For group projects only: list of all students working on the project, including name, ID number, cumulative GPA, department, college, phone, and email.


OUR Travel Award Program application (link to Qualtrics application)

For groups of two or more students working on the same project

 These groups should submit one application.


Per the OUR Project Award funding agreement, students and faculty are to complete the following: