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This page contains instructions for students on how get study abroad international exchange coursework approved.

Instructions for Students Studying Abroad with a UWF Exchange Partner Institution

The International Exchange Course Approval Form is required for students who participate in an international exchange program at one of UWF’s partner institutions. 

You will pay tuition to UWF and will be registered at UWF during the study abroad period in courses determined as “equivalent” to those being taken at the host institution.  This form will list the courses you will take at the host institution. You will need to meet with your academic advisors to discuss the plans for study abroad, discuss courses you plan to take while abroad to determine how the courses will apply to your academic program at UWF. 

The International Exchange Course Approval Form is completed during an advising meeting with a study abroad advisor with UWF International Programs. The study abroad advisor will enter your exchange courses into the form for you during the meeting. 

Course Equivalents Assigned

Many exchange courses are pre-approved as UWF course equivalents. If your international exchange courses are pre-approved, your study abroad advisor will input the host school course information and the UWF equivalent course information into the International Exchange Course Approval Form. 

If your international exchange courses do not have a current pre-approved UWF course equivalent, a copy of the course description, or syllabus if available for the course being reviewed will be submitted by your study abroad advisor for review and assignment of a UWF course equivalency.

International Exchange Course Approval Sent to the UWF Registrar

Once the International Exchange Course Approval Form is completed with your intended host institution courses and the UWF course equivalencies by your study abroad advisor, the form is sent to the UWF Registrar. 

Registrar Places Students in International Exchange Courses

The Registrar will place you in the approved equivalent UWF courses. After Arrival, you should follow the instructions at Attendance Verification While Abroad to confirm your courses have begun abroad. 

Changes to Your International Exchange Course Plan

In the event your intended courses abroad change after the International Exchange Course Approval Form is submitted, contact your study abroad advisor to have a new updated form submitted.