Attending UWF creates a financial obligation. It is important that students understand and acknowledge the financial responsibilities associated with registering and attending the University by completing the Financial Responsibility AgreementThe agreement must be completed every semester before registration.

This page explains how to remove a Financial Responsibility hold, as well as how to avoid this hold in future semesters.

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Every semester, all students receive a "University of West Florida Financial Responsibility Agreement" message via the My Messages app in MyUWF. This agreement must be completed every semester before registration.  

Preventing a Financial Responsibility hold

Students who do not complete the agreement before the first day of registration will have a Financial Responsibility hold placed on their account. Students will not be able to register for classes unless this agreement is completed.

(star) For instructions on viewing the specific holds on your account, refer to the Viewing Holds resource page. 

Before registration begins

Financial Responsibility holds do not become active until the first day of registration; therefore, they will not be listed on your Registration Status before that time.

Removing a Financial Responsibility hold

  1. To remove (or avoid) the Financial Responsibility hold: 

    1. Go to MyMessages in MyUWF
    2. Select and read the "University of West Florida Financial Responsibility Agreement" message from UWF Accounts Receivable.
    3. Check the "Confirm Acknowledgement" box, then click "I Agree."

UWF Financial Responsibility Agreement email

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? See the Student Account & Cashier website for Financial Responsibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

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