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This page outlines the procedures for completing Study Abroad Pre-Departure Requirements for students preparing to study abroad on International exchange, transfer credit, independent study abroad including internships or research abroad. This information doe snot apply to students participating in Faculty-led Programs.


Follow these instructions for pre-departure requirements for study abroad. 

Complete Program/Host Application Documents

After Study Abroad Approval, you must complete the host or program specific application forms NOT found on the UWF website. Host applications may be online - received by email or forms that need to be printed to be completed. You are given 10-15 days after the UWF application deadline to complete the host application. Host applications are submitted to the host school or program and may require some or all of the following items be submitted in printed or electronic format:

Host School Application - Application forms may be in an online portal or a form that must be printed, or both. Host school applications requiring "Home Institution" or "Exchange coordinator" approval need to be signed by Study Abroad Services Staff. Host Applications requiring home institution "faculty approval" should be signed by the student's academic advisor

  • Academic Transcript - You may request a UWF transcript through International Programs at no cost for study abroad applications.
  • Copy of Passport Photo page. 
  • Learning Agreement or Proposed course selection - Not final course selection. Course choice at application helps the host program determine what academic area a student will study in while abroad. 
  • Essay on why you chose the program.
  • Medical History - Medical Clearance - You may be asked to submit medical information to your program.
  • Conduct Clearance - Typically requested by other US universities or Study Abroad Providers. These forms should be submitted to International Programs which will verify Conduct Clearance with the UWF Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. 
  • Online Language test
  • Housing Application
  • Copy of high school diploma
  • Electronic Portfolio of work - for Arts area students planning to participate in studio or performance courses abroad. 

Two examples of program applications are provided here for student information.

Program/Host Application Example 1 - Online Host Application with Mailed in Documents

  • UWF Study Abroad submits the your name and email to the host school, such as Kansai Gaidai in Japan. 
  • The host school then contacts you with information on how to log into the online host application portal and a list of hard copy documents that must be mailed to the school abroad. 
  • You follow the Admissions Procedures outlined by host school which include online form completion and submitting hard copy items of recommendation letters, UWF transcript, and required photographs. 

Program/Host Application Example 2 - Internship Application 

You apply with internship provider for placement abroad. Internship placement applications typically require you to submit a resume, cover letter, personal statement detailing your interest in a position abroad, transcripts and a program fee deposit. You may be prompted to send an advisor approval form to UWF International Programs to verify you have department approval to participate in an internship abroad.

Complete Study Abroad Enrollment Requirements - Due by no less than 3 weeks before you depart

Upon receiving email notification of Study Abroad Approval, you will receive email notification with information on the next steps for study abroad enrollment. 

Enrollment requirements include 

  • Submit copy of Passport photo page - If you do not upload your passport as part of your study abroad application, you must email a copy of your passport photo page to as soon as the copy of the passport is available. This should be completed no later than one month before departure. 
  • Getting Study Abroad Health and Accident Insurance
  • Course Approval instructions will be provided for students studying abroad on Exchange or transfer credit programs. The Course approval process will differ based on the type of program. See Getting Your Study Abroad Courses Approved for more information. 

Attend Mandatory Study Abroad Orientation Presented by Study Abroad Services

While faculty-led program directors and transfer credit programs will offer orientation specific to each program abroad, all students complete Mandatory Study Abroad Orientation with International Programs. Each term, International Programs offers multiple options for students to complete orientation. You will be offered in-person and webinar options with scheduled dates and times. If you do not attend one of these scheduled sessions, International Programs will provide makeup materials and a recorded orientation session. A deadline is given for you to complete the orientation and accompanying quiz. If you do not complete Study Abroad Orientation with International Programs, you will have a HOLD placed on your UWF record which will prevent registration changes and access to transcripts. 

Apply for Visa and/or Residence Permit as required by the host country

Most students on semester-long programs abroad will need to apply for an entry visa to their host country. The Visa Application Process varies by country and may require an in-person interview at the Consulate or Embassy of your host country. You should verify the visa requirement and process with the Embassy of the country in which you will study abroad. 

If you require a visa for study abroad, you should apply 60-90 days before the start date of the program to allow adequate processing time for the visa. Visas are entry permits which may expire before the end of your study program. If you are not sure if you need to apply for a visa for study abroad, review the information for your host country at

NOTE: Students applying for a visa for study abroad will need to mail or leave their passport with the host country consulate or embassy for 2-6 weeks while the visa application is processed. 

Some countries require you to register with the local government while studying abroad. Local Registration may require an application for a residence permit which allows you to stay for the duration of your study abroad program.

Ongoing Steps

You should maintain contact with UWF International Programs as well as the faculty program director, host institution or study abroad provider for your program. You may receive updates and information for your program from these contacts in addition to communication from UWF International Programs. 


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