If you are a new Graduate student please contact Graduate Admissions to update your student data.  Graduate Admissions will update all student data through the second week of the semester in which you are admitted.

Students may update their student data using the Student Data Change Form as illustrated on this page. This data includes name, social security number, legal sex, and date of birth. 

If your MyUWF account is inactive and you need assistance reactivating it, contact the ITS HelpDesk at (850) 474-2075 or helpdesk@uwf.edu

If your MyUWF account is active, you are logged in and are still having issues, please email registrar@uwf.edu.

You will need to log into the MyUWF portal to access this form.

Please email registrar@uwf.edu if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you!


(red star) Present and past UWF Employees (including student employees) should NOT use this form to request these data changes. Present and past employees should update their information with Human Resources in Building 20E - See Update My Personal Info.  

(red star) Students wishing to update their phone number, address, or emergency contact information should log into MyUWF and access the Contact and Privacy Information app. 

(red star) This form does NOT change your address for PAYROLL purposes. Payroll addresses can be updated using the Contact & Privacy Information app in MyUWF or by completing Form W-4 and submitting it to the Payroll Office in Building 20E.


Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for "Student Data Change Form" 

Student Data Change Form

Step 2 

Complete page 1.

Your student information will auto-populate.

Select one data change type - click Next.

Student Data Change Form

Step 3

Page 2 will modify its information depending on the Data Change Type you selected on Page 1. 

Submit appropriate information and attachments for the data change you selected:

Name Change - Click HERE 

Social Security Number - Click HERE 

Legal Sex - Click HERE 

Date of Birth - Click HERE 

Name Change

  • Two (2) documents are required for a name change request and the names of both must match.
  • Submit one (1) document from each group below.
    • Group 1
      • Copy of Marriage License; or
      • Divorce Decree; or
      • Legal Name Change paperwork
    • Group 2
      • Social Security Card; or
      • Current Driver License or State Issue I.D. Card; or
      • U.S. Passport.

Social Security Number

  • To update your Social Security Number, provide any one of the following documents:
    • A signed copy of your social security card,
    • W-2 Form,
    • Paycheck,
    • SSA-1099,
    • Any 1009.

Legal Sex

  • Two (2) documents are required to update your legal sex.
    • Submit one (1) document from each group listed below
    • Group 1
      • Copy of court order for a name/legal sex change; or
      • Signed original statement on office letterhead from the attending physician stating the applicant is undergoing appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition; or
      • Amended birth certificate (refer to Florida DMV Gender Change protocols)


    • Group 2
      • Social Security Card; or
      • Current Permit, Current Driver License or State Issue I.D. Card; or
      • U.S. Passport, Passport Card or Foreign Passport with Visa and valid I-94 issued by DHS

Date of Birth

  • Two (2) documents are required to update your date of birth.
    • Submit two (2) documents from the group listed below:
      • Current Driver's License or State Issued ID
      • Birth Certificate
      • Social Security Card
      • U.S. Military Photo I.D. Card

Step 4

Sign electronically and submit online