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Citrix refers to local drives as "Files on your computer"

Local drives are storage resources which are local to the computer in which you are accessing ArgoApps from. They contain locations like your Desktop and Documents.


Citrix Workspace only

The instructions below are meant to be used by users who are using the Citrix Workspace App to access ArgoApps. You can download and install the Citrix Workspace App following these instructions.

If you are accessing ArgoApps via your web browser (ArgoApps Lite), please see this page for help with downloading/uploading files to ArgoApps.

Windows: How to Access Local Drives from within ArgoApps from Citrix Workspace App

If you are using the Citrix Workspace App to access ArgoApps then you can permit access to your local drives as described below.  Note: You may not be prompted to permit access when using Citrix Workspace App for Windows. 

Within any ArgoApps application or desktop, when attempting to open or save a file you may receive a prompt similar to the screenshot below. Choose "Permit all access" and optionally check "Do not ask me again..." to prevent having to approve access again in the future.

permit all access option

While connected to ArgoApps, follow these steps to configure local drive access

  1. Right-click on the Citrix icon within the system tray
    citrix icon

  2. Click "Connection Center"
    connection center option

  3.  Click "Properties" from the Connection Center
    properties button

  4.  Within the "Preference" or "Properties" window, and under "File Access" choose "Read and write" and click OK
    read and write option

I did not get a prompt asking for access from my Microsoft Office application

If using Word, Excel, or similar you may need to click "Browse" from an Open or Save As dialog to trigger the prompt.

browse option

Mac OS: How to Access Local Drives from within ArgoApps from Citrix Workspace App 

If prompted during your session if you want to allow read/write access to files, click "Read & Write"

read and write button

To setup read & write access permanently, click "Citrix Receiver" and choose Preferences

preferences option

Click "File Access" and choose "Read and write" as shown below.

read and write option


Yes. There are 2 ways to connect to ArgoApps: web-based (when visiting in your web browser) known as ArgoApps Lite and client-based using the Citrix Workspace App app to access ArgoApps. These 2 methods may not be launched simultaneously. Some users may prefer the convenience of using their web browser while other users appreciate the additional functionality of client-based application.

You may launch the IBM SPSS app and the Word app from ArgoApps at the same time by launching ArgoApps in the web browser or using Citrix Workspace App. While both apps are launched you may copy/paste from one program to the other.

ITS Help Desk

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