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This article will provide instructions on how to insert the BOT Meeting calendar into your personal web-based calendar.


Step 1

Log into your personal calendar (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, AOL). 

Step 2

For Gmail accounts, such as those used by faculty and staff at UWF, click the expandable section below:



From the BOT Calendar Page, click the icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar that states "+ Google Calendar."

Next, you will be prompted if you would like to add the calendar. Click "Yes, add this calendar."

The calendar will now be added to your list of calendars available in your Gmail account under "Other calendars." Events on the BOT calendar will be displayed in the color associated with it on the list. To toggle the calendar on and off in your calendar view, click the colored square next to the calendar name. Please note that the color associated will the calendar will vary.

For more information on Google Calendars, click here.


For other accounts, please copy this iCal link:

Next, follow the appropriate instructions below:

Yahoo calendar

AOL calendar

Windows calendar



 Can I view this calendar in a separate web browser tab?
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