PhaseMeaningITS Responsibility
RequestedIdea through estimation
  • Consulting on needs
EstimationRough estimate through approval
  • Providing details to estimator
(Pending) ApprovalFrom approval to full program and design
  • Available for Q/A to stakeholders
Program and DesignFrom approved ideas through ready for construction.
  • IT Operations staff review, and provide input on, and attend review meetings to discuss:
    • fiber infrastructure
    • premise wiring
    • comm closet specifications
    • voice/data equipment needs
    • Audio/visual needs (offices, conference rooms, classrooms, etc.)
ConstructionFrom groundbreaking (or start of renovation) to substantial completion.
  • Meet with, and provide access to, wiring vendors
  • Routinely walk the site
  • Order, configure, and deploy the voice/data equipment
  • Review change orders / modifications
Substantial CompletionFrom the end of construction/renovation through the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Provide phone instruments to occupants
  • Test functionality of all systems (wired, wireless, phone, data, fire alarm, Nautilus Card, ArgoAlert
  • Track issues in JIRA tickets for resolution
Move-InFrom Certificate of Occupancy through the Punchlist item.
  • Respond to occupant tickets (prioritized based on occupant needs)
  • Routinely visit the site
  • Consult with LSP to address any issues
PunchlistFrom Final Walkthrough to Construction Completion
  • Identify issues - report to project manager
  • Create additional JIRA tickets as needed
  • Identify ongoing support concerns; develop MOUs as needed.
Maintenance ModeFrom punchlist through normal operations
  • Respond to JIRA ticket requests from occupants