Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the UWF ProctorU portal: http://www.proctoru.com/uwf
  2. Watch the introductory videos.
  3. Visit the following links at the top of the portal:
  4. You will need a webcam. ProctorU recommends the Microsoft Lifecam VX1000 (or higher models).
  5. Create an account by: selecting the "Schedule" image.
  6. Be sure to schedule your exam with ProctorU WELL IN ADVANCE of your intended date and time. NO LESS THAN 3 DAYS! Two weeks is better.
  7. Be sure to provide a valid email address and a phone number where you can be reached when you are taking an exam.
  8. If you are new to ProctorU, select:
  9. At the date and time YOU SCHEDULED for your exam, please return to the ProctorU website and click on the blinking button: "Click Here to Start."
    1. NOTE: You will be required to pay for the ProctorU service ($22.50) at the time of registration, with a valid credit/debit card
    2. You will simply key the information into a field provided, ProctorU does not record this information.
  10. Critical Information Regarding Exam Scheduling Lead-Time:
    1. Everything must be "scheduled" with sufficient lead-time so that you ARE NOT within three days of the date/time you intend to take the exam.
      1. Again, this is referring to the date and time you intend to schedule your exam date/time with ProctorU.
      2. This is not referring to the date and time of the availability of the exam itself.
      3. Failure to avoid this three-day window will incur added expense.

Critical Testing Behavior/Environment Information:


  2. If you encounter any problems (AND, even if you don't) you will be given access to one of ProctorU's HelpDesk Technicians.
    1. The ProctorU HelpDesk is available from 7:00 AM to 11:45 PM (seven days a week).
    2. The service is FREE, and does not require an appointment.


  1. At the beginning of the test period, ProctorU will also ask to see a picture ID along with your face in the webcam.
  2. ProctorU will take a picture (snapshot through the webcam) at the beginning of the test period. The snapshot will only be of the student and not the picture ID.
  3. You will be asked 4 questions to validate your identity. You must be able to answer 2 of the 4 questions.
  4. ProctorU may also record sessions of the exam if deemed necessary.
  5. The ProctorU representative can see your (the student's) computer desktop.

Students should:

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Warn other people at their location that an exam is being conducted
  3. Other people should stay out of the room,
  4. If other people come in the room for any reason they too should be appropriately dressed
  5. Students are encouraged to schedule exams with ProctorU 4-weeks in advance. If 4-weeks is not possible, schedule exams as soon as possible to ensure an exam time (within your instructor's designated time period) that is convenient to you.
  6. ProctorU requires that you schedule your exam no later than three days in advance.

Students must:

  1. Contact ProctorU (http://www.ProctorU.com).
  2. Self-register for the exam.
  3. Be Prepared with a Credit/Debit Card to pay the proctor fee ($22.50) at the time of registration.
    1. Note: if you take longer than 2 hours to complete the exam, you may incur an additional fee ($8.50/hour).