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This procedure describes how a student would be able to view their assigned PIN number.


Students can search for "Advising PIN" or "Advising Status" in MyUWF to locate the Advising Status app. This app will give the student the following information:

  • A message letting them know if they need to see their advisor or not.
  • Their PIN number for the upcoming semester.
  • A list of advisors for the primary department they are affiliated with.
  • If they are not affiliated with a department or have other advising situations (honors, etc.) they are shown the contact info for the advising center.

Students who need to see their advisor will see a screen like this:

Students who have been issued an advising PIN for the current semester will see a screen like this:

Users who do not have a student record for a given semester will see a message like this:


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No. PINs only apply to degree-seeking students.