UWF Gmail addresses are defaulted to a particular format.  Some users may prefer that their email addresses look a little different.  These users may choose to set up an alias for their active UWF Gmail accounts.  These aliases will look slightly different from the default UWF Gmail address.

Please know that your username will stay the same.  So if you set up an email alias, you'll still have to use your default ArgoNet username to log in to services such as MyUWF, eLearning, and ArgoAir.

Please visit Recovering Your MyUWF/ArgoNet Username or Password if you don't know your username.


Step 1

Sign into MyUWF using your ArgoNet account credentials.

Log In button

Step 2

Select the Personal Information folder on the MyUWF Desktop.

Personal Information folder

Step 3

Select the My Account application.

My Account app

Step 4

Click on Set Email Alias.

Set Email Alias link

Step 5

Select an alias from the dropdown menu and click the Save button. Once you click save, it may take a few minutes for the account to become available to add in Gmail (steps 6-10 below).

Select an alias dropdown menu

Step 6

Log in to your official UWF Gmail account.

Step 7

Go to the Gear in the upper-right hand corner, and select See all Settings.

Step 8

In the Accounts tab, select Add another email address you own.

option for Add another email address you own

Step 9

In the pop-up box, type in the alias you saved on your account in the Email address section. Click Next Step after this information is entered.

fields for name and email alias, and Next Step button


The pop-up box may state that you need a verification code in order to apply the alias. Click the Send Verification option to send an email to your official UWF email with a verification code.

Step 10

The pop-up box will close. Your alias will be displayed under your email address in the Send mail as section. Select the make default option next to the alias.

option for Make Default

Step 11

Your emails will now be sent from the alias. Please contact the ITS Help Desk via an IT Help Request to have the alias set as your official email address in all UWF systems. After the change is made by ITS, you may verify the address that is listed as your official UWF email address from the My Account app in MyUWF. 

current official email address

Step 12

If you send email from your smartphone or tablet, please make sure you use the Gmail app for IOS or Android.  Once you have installed the Gmail app on your mobile device you may setup your account using your original email account (not the alias) credentials.  The alias will automatically be set as the default account once the account is setup if the steps above have been completed.