This page reviews the general application process for study abroad at the University of West Florida


If you are planning to apply for study abroad, you should attend a Study Abroad Information Session held in fall or spring semester. Information Sessions review the general requirements for study abroad at UWF and the application process outlined below. 

Identify the Study Abroad Program that is Right for You

Your are encouraged to compare programs to find the program which will be the best fit for your academic and financial needs as well as cultural interests. Contact International Programs at 850-474-2479 or studyabroad@uwf.edu to schedule a study abroad advising meeting. 

Apply for Your Selected Program

Once you have determined the program to which you plan to apply, follow the application process for the type of program selected. 

Additional Application Steps for Some Programs

You may be asked to interview or audition with the faculty leader for short-term programs. Other optional application items such as essays or recommendation letters. Online and paper application forms may be requested based on the program. 

Review of Study Abroad Application

Once the application form for the selected program has been submitted by the you, the application review process includes

Approval to Study Abroad

If you who meet all of the application steps and eligibility requirements for your selected study abroad program, you may be approved to study abroad. Please note, some programs have limited spaces for participants which may result in qualified applicants not being approved to participate. If your are approved to study abroad, you will receive a notification email from studyabroad@uwf.edu with instructions for further action.

Program or Host Institution Application

If you are approved to study in exchange programs with partner institutions abroad, in transfer credit programs with other universities or study abroad providers, in internship program abroad, you will need to complete the program or host application after UWF approval. Program and host applications vary. Some require online form submission. Others may require you to complete printed forms. Most programs will require you to submit official transcripts and/or recommendation letters or other application items by mail. UWF International Programs will direct you to the host or program application after you have been approved for your selected program. You should keep in mind that transfer credit programs and internship abroad programs may require an application fee or deposit. Non-UWF application fees or deposits may vary from $100 up to a portion of the total program fee. Review Completing Study Abroad Pre-Departure Requirements for more information on these additional requirements. 


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