Student Financial Services strives to have all eligible financial aid refunded by the end of the second week of classes. All debts owed to the University are paid first and any financial aid over and above these expenses is sent as a refund to the student. The processing of financial aid awards continues throughout fee payment and the drop/add period. Late awards of financial aid are processed in the same manner throughout each academic term. 

Purchase Course Materials Before Financial Aid is Disbursed

Students who qualify for the Bookstore Deferment Program have the option of using excess financial aid to purchase course materials at the UWF Bookstore prior to their aid being disbursed.

If you are receiving financial aid, the Bookstore Deferment Program will allow you to purchase your course materials before aid is disbursed. The maximum deferment amount is $800. Deferment is not an additional award but an estimated amount based on your financial aid award less unpaid charges on your account (tuition, housing, and meal plan charges). You will receive notification, sent to your UWF email address, from the UWF Financial Services, Student Accounts, if you have excess financial aid funds that may be used. 

How To Check the Amount of Your Financial Aid Deferment Award

To check the amount of the deferment funds you have available, log in to MyUWF and search for “Account Balance (Fees)”. You must be enrolled for the minimum number of hours required for your financial aid award. (If your financial aid status changes, you are responsible for purchases made under this program.)