UWF uses the waitlist feature within our registration system to combat the confusion of trying to enroll in closed classes. Many classes will have waitlists that might not have had them in the past, and students will be able see where they are on the waitlist priority lists. The waitlisting process will also be automated.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that ALL classes will use waitlists. Directed studies, dual listed courses, internships, field studies, cooperative education, and individual performance courses are not eligible for waitlisting.

Please review the FAQs and instructions found below to determine if registering for the waitlist of a closed/full course may be beneficial to you.

What is Waitlisting?

This flow chart illustrates the steps that students take during the registration process that includes the possibility of being placed on a waitlist. This process does NOT include any departmental specific steps that might currently be in place.

Flow chart representing waitlisting

Waitlist Deadlines for Active Registration

image of right arrow Students who are on a waitlist that is nearing its end date (see below) may find that waitlist availability could end before the deadline in their notification email.  The deadline to take action is the earlier of the student's email notification deadline or the end of waitlist availability for that Part of Term. As we continue to improve waitlist efficiency, it is possible the dates below may change. 

Spring 2018
Part of TermWaitlists BeginWaitlists End

Summer 2018

Fall 2018


What is a waitlist?

A waitlist is the process by which students may "get in line" " for a class that is full. The waitlist for a course only becomes active when a course is full or has reached capacity.

Why should I use the waitlist?

The biggest advantage to students is that they will be notified when a seat becomes available in a course that was previously closed. Undergraduate degree-seeking students have waitlist priority, with seniors having first priority.

How do I know if a course has a waitlist?

The waitlist for a course will not become "active" until the course reaches capacity. This can be seen Using Schedule Planner and in the course search. There are three new columns that have been added to the display to help you know what your registration options are: WL Cap, WL Act, and WL Rem.

Screenshot from banner with annotations describing waitlist indicators

What is a "Part of Term"?

Please see Understanding parts of term

Where can students see in which Part of Term (POT) a course is offered?



How do I get on the waitlist for a course?

There are two (2) ways to add yourself to the waitlist for a course; Using Schedule Planner (if you need assistance planning your schedule) OR using the standard Add, Drop, or Withdraw option (if you already know the CRN's of the courses you want to take). In Add, Drop or Withdraw, you must type the CRN in the box at the bottom of the page and submit. You will not be able to access the waitlist by clicking on the "Class Search" button on this page. If a course has seats available, you will NOT have the option to add yourself to the waitlist.  If the course is closed, and the waitlist is available, you will have the option to select "waitlist" to be put on the waitlist.


fields for CRNs, and Submit Changes button

Action dropdown menu, and Submit Changes button

Now, you will see the waitlisted course in "Add, Drop or Withdraw."

Waitlisted course

Find and add your course in the Schedule Planner app in the Registration Menu in MyUWF.

Once you've generated your schedule, a course that is full will display with a red box surrounding the open seats for that course. Click on "Send to Cart."

Send to Cart button

You will now be directed to the Schedule Planner Registration Cart. Click on "Register." 

Register button

Type your Advising Pin. Now, you will be in the Add, Drop or Withdraw app in MyUWF (Registration Menu). Choose "Waitlist" from the drop down menu under "Action." Click "Submit Changes."

Action dropdown menu, and Submit Changes button

Now, you will see the waitlisted course in "Add, Drop or Withdraw."

Waitlisted course


How do I know I'm on the waitlist for a course? 

You can view information about courses for which you are waitlisted in MyClassesYou will be able to see classes for which are waitlisted, your priority number, and if you are currently eligible to register and the time allotted for registration. Waitlisted classes also appear your detailed schedule. More information below.

What number am I on the waitlist?

If you want to know what “place” you have on the waitlist, check your waitlist status and priority in MyClasses.

Notice for place on waitlisted course


Undergraduate degree seeking students have priority on waitlists regardless of when they are placed on the waitlist. Seniors have first priority. Therefore, it is possible for your priority number to change if a senior or degree student enters the waitlist queue. You should also pay attention to the number of people already on the waitlist at the time of registration. In the example above, you will be the second person on the waitlist.

Students can also check their status on waitlists by viewing their Student Detail Schedule in the Registration Menu app in MyUWF. 

Waitlist position


How do I remove myself from a waitlist?

If you make a decision not to take the course for which you're waitlisted and you need to remove yourself from the waitlist, access the Add, Drop or Withdraw app in the Registration Menu and choose "Drop (Web)" from the action list. Then click on "Submit Changes." 


Action dropdown and Submit Changes button

If the capacity enrollment limit has been increased by the department that offers the course, students already on the waitlist will not be automatically notified. Students will need to watch the course for limit changes and add the course using the Add, Drop or Withdraw instructions above.

What do the registration status messages mean?

When you attempt to register for a course that is closed/full and has an active waitlist, there are four (4) status messages you may receive:

StatusWhat it means
Closed - # WaitlistThe course is full, but you may place yourself on the waitlist. The number will be the number of students currently on the waitlist.
Open - # WaitlistedThe course is full, but you may place yourself on the waitlist. The number will be the number of students currently on the waitlist. "Open" lets you know that a seat has become available and been offered to the first student on the waitlist.
Closed - Waitlist FilledYou have no option for registering or waitlisting. Both the course and the waitlist are full.
Open - Waitlist FilledYou have no option for registering or waitlisting. Both the course and the waitlist are full. "Open" lets you know that a seat has become available and been offered to the first student on the waitlist.

What kind of notification will I receive if a seat becomes available for a course that I'm on the waitlist for?

Students will receive an email via their UWF EMAIL ACCOUNT notifying them when a seat has become available in a waitlisted course.

Example waitlist email:

 Dear John (uwf id#),

You were on a WAITLIST for 81123 ENC 1101 English Composition I.  An open seat is now available and you must register for this course or remove yourself from the waitlist by 30-AUG-2014 06:59 PM.

 -Log into My.UWF.edu

-Click on Student >Registration>Add or Drop Classes

 -Choose “Registered Web” to add the class or “Drop (WEB)” to remove your name from the waitlist

 -Click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the page

If you fail to take action, you will automatically be removed from the WAITLIST on 30-AUG- 06:59 PM.  You will NOT receive any additional notification of this action.  For more information on waitlists, please see https://confluence.uwf.edu/display/public/Using+Waitlisting


 University of West Florida

 Office of the Registrar   registrar@uwf.edu

How long do I have to register for the course once I receive notification?

The deadline for action will be in your notification. This deadline is set 24 hours from the time the email is SENT (not read or received). You must register for the course in which you were waitlisted or drop the course (removing yourself from the waitlist) by the deadline or you will lose your opportunity to register. If you are on the waitlist for a course, we recommend you check your UWF email at least 3 times a day.

When attempting to register in your waitlisted class, you must first enter the CRN and click 'Submit Changes' under the Add Class Worksheet. Do not change your waitlisted class status to 'drop (web)'; this will drop the class and remove you from the waitlist.


What happens if I don't register for the course by the deadline?

If you are on the waitlist for a course, receive notification that a seat has become available, and do not register for the course within the allotted time, your registration opportunity will expire and you lose your spot "in line." You must drop the course before you can attempt to re-register for the waitlist, if waitlisting is still available for the semester and the waitlist is not full.

When does waitlisting end?

Waitlists are turned off at 4:00 PM the business day before semester start (part of term). If you were previously on a waitlist for a course, we recommend you continue to monitor the enrollment of the course on a regular basis throughout the end of drop/add.

Why can't I add myself to the waitlist?


I missed my deadline but I still want the course.  What do I do?

If you have not already dropped the course, go to registration and drop the course for which you are on the waitlist. You can then attempt registration for the course and if it closed, and there are still spots available on the waitlist, you can reenter the waitlist. You will be placed in the designated priority based on this registration attempt.


Additional Information