Students can view their awarded UWF degrees on their Unofficial Transcript.


Enter the instructions for the procedure here.

  1. Log in to MyUWF.
  2. Access the Student Academic Records Menu app.
    Student tab and View Academic Transcript link

  3. Choose the Unofficial Transcript option, then click Submit.
    1. Your Unofficial Academic Transcript should appear.
  4. Any degrees awarded by UWF will appear in the Degree Awarded portion of the transcript, along with the date the degree was awarded.
    1. Sought degrees (degrees for which you have applied), will also appear.
    Degree Awarded section

  5. For addition information pertaining to degrees, please see theĀ Graduation Guide.


For FAQs pertaining to degrees/degree posting, please review the Degree FAQs found in the Graduation Guide (reference in step 5 above).