During the COVID-19 mitigation effort, Google is providing their paid Premium version of Hangouts Meet to educational institutions (and others) for Free.

Google Hangouts Meet is video-conferencing and telepresence software. Users in Hangouts Meet can simply send a link to anyone with a Gmail account to invite that person to join them in a meeting. Hangouts meeting invites created using Google Calendar will now default to Meet. Meet is only available using Google Chrome. You may access the "Hangouts Meet" app via MyUWF.

For further information regarding Hangouts Meet, please visit the Getting Started with Hangouts Meet.

What is "Hangouts Meet"?

Google Hangouts Meet allows you to hold:

Hangouts Meet allows a meeting for up to 25 people at a time (unlimited meeting duration).

Visit the Meet vs. classic Hangouts feature comparison for a list of changes and supported platforms.

Classic Hangouts can still be used for chat functions, but Meet will be used for video calls.

Please not that Meet may also be used for chat only if audio and video are disabled. 

System Requirements

Meet supports the current version and two previous major releases of the following operating systems:

Web browser support

Currently, Google Chrome is the only supported internet browser (version must be up-to-date).

Hardware Requirements

How to create or join a video meeting

Please refer to Google's Hangouts Meet Guide for instructions to start or join a video meeting using your UWF G Suite account.

Mobile Device Support

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