Who is this for?

This is for any Faculty, Staff, or Student that has access to GIS Software.

This is for users who have never logged on to https://pns.maps.arcgis.com prior to the start of Fall Term 2019.

If you have an existing account created before Fall 2019, see below.

Table of Contents


ArcGIS Enterprise Login uses your UWF credentials (how you sign into MyUWF or your email) to create an account in our ArcGIS Organization. This account will let you share your GIS work online and login to ArcGIS Pro. When you are no longer a student, your account will be deactivated.

Getting Started

Logging In the First Time

When you go to https://pns.maps.arcgis.com, you should be prompted to sign in. If not, look for a sign-in button.

Click the Blue Button with the text "New Users Only - UWF ArgoNet Login"

If you don't have a blue button, under Enterprise Login, type 'pns' for your organizations URL.

If you are already logged in to another UWF system, like Canvas or MyUWF, the login should be automatic. If you are not, you should be prompted to enter your UWF username and password.

It may take a few moments for your account to be created. Do not navigate away from the screen or refresh.

Enterprise Login

If you receive an error, make sure that you do not have an existing ArcGIS account. If this is your first time logging into ArcGIS Online and you receive an error, please let your instructor know.

Logging In After the First Time

If you are ever prompted to sign in to the Organization Account, click that same 'New User' blue button and you will be logged in.

Logging Into ArcGIS Pro

If you need to sign in to ArcGIS Pro, expand Enterprise login. Fill in pns as the organization's URL and click Continue.

From there, you'll see the same blue button as you saw online. Click it to log in.

ArcGIS Pro Enterprise Login Screen with pns filled in as the URL

Users Prior to Fall 2019

You will continue to log in using your existing ArcGIS Online accounts. Expand ArcGIS Login under the Enterprise Login option and enter your username and password as normal.

ArcGIS Login with the correct login indicated with a blue arrow.

When you leave UWF, you will no longer have access to your account.

Faculty and Staff, over time, existing accounts will be converted to Enterprise Logins. You will be contacted before any change is made.

For Instructors

Starting Fall 2019, there will be no need to send a list of your students needing accounts. If your students receive an error, make sure they do not have an ArcGIS account created before Fall 2019. If you have classwide issues, please contact Deidra Hunter.