1. Go to FloridaShines at to begin the transient student application process
  2. Click on “Take a course at another school”

    option for take a course at another school

  3.  Read the information provided. Click "Apply or Check Application Status"

    apply or Check Application Status option

  4. Select the Universtiy of West Florida
  5. Enter your MyUWF ArgoNet username (for example: kjp1) in the Student ID or Username box

  6. Enter your MyUWF ArgoNet password in the Pin/Password Box

    fields for username and password

    If your MyUWF ArgoNet password does not meet the below FloridaShines criteria, your MyUWF ArgoNet password MUST be changed to match the below criteria before logging in.

    Password MUST:

    1. be at least 8 characters and no more than 15 characters long
    2. contain at least 1 uppercase letter
    3. contain at least 1 lowercase letter
    4. contain at least 1 number or punctuation symbol
    5. It cannot contain spaces or the single quote. These characters are permitted:
      • All upper and lower case letters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
      • All numbers: 1234567890
      • 31 Symbols: !@#$%^&*()`-=[]\;,./~_+{}|:"<>?
    6. Invalid log in for more than 5 attempts will lock the account

  7. Click Submit

  8. Indicate the College your program is under. Colleges are divided into categories based on Class and Division
  9. Select your Department (pick the choice that most closely represents your major)
  10. Enter demographic information, contact information, where and when you plan to attend as a transient student, and which courses you are requesting to take at the host institution

    fields for application, part 1

    fields for application, part 2

  11. Insert comments (if applicable) and electronically sign the application. Click Send

    fields for application, part 3
  12. Once the transient student admissions application is electronically signed, the application goes through a series of steps and is electronically sent to your Advisor, the Office of the Registrar, the Financial Aid Office (if applicable) and finally the Host institution.
  13. If at any time during the process a step is denied or not approved, the application will automatically be sent back to you via the email address provided on the application.
  14. When a completed transient student admissions application is approved or denied, you will receive a final email regarding the status of the application.

Problems logging into Florida Virtual Campus?

Make sure your password meets the requirements stated in step 6.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at (850) 474-2244 or email for additional assistance.

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