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Here you will find instructions on how to drop courses.

Students are not allowed to drop/withdraw from ALL of their courses online. Students wishing to drop/withdraw from all courses should contact the Office of the Registrar in order to be removed from their last class.



Step 1: Once logged in to Student SSB, choose the Registration app.

Step 2: Click the Add or Drop Classes link.

  • All courses you are registered for should appear.
  • Under the Action tab, select the drop down arrow for the course you are trying to drop
    • Select the Drop option
    • Hit Submit Changes

    • The course should no longer appear on the student’s current schedule.


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No. Faculty/staff can only edit a student schedule in INB.

During drop/add a student is able to drop all of his/her courses via the Registration app. Once drop/add has ended, a student will be able to drop all but the final course he/she is registered for. Dropping the final course after drop/add is considered a withdrawal and the student will need to meet with the withdrawal coordinator (Adam Burgess) in the Office of the Registrar. The withdrawal coordinator is the only person eligible to remove a student from their final registered course.

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Registering for courses in SSB**


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