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The student will receive an email informing them of the Major Change.  In the email will contain a link to DocuSign.  Click the 'Review Document' button to be taken to the Program Change form.

Review Document button

Review Information

Make sure all information is correct and read the 'Instructions to student for change of major policies'.  If you agree, click the checkbox next to 'By checking this box...', then sign the form.  You have the option to include any documents that will support your case for this change.  

Finish the process

After the form has been signed, click the 'Finish' button.  This will complete the process.

Finish button

Viewing the outcome of the request.

After the process is complete you will get an email to see the outcome of the request.  Be aware, the process will be 'Complete' regardless of the outcome; approved, denied or canceled.  To view the outcome, click the 'View Completed Document' link.

Example of email

Scroll to the bottom of the form where the Registrar signed.  You will see the outcome of the request and any comments added by the registrar.  If the request was denied or canceled, the comments will provide the reason.

Comments on completed form