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Here you will find the block schedule for final exams.Students are responsible for reviewing the final exam schedule and course syllabus to confirm final exam time and day.  The dates for final exam week is listed on the Academic Dates and Deadlines at

  • Final exams will be administered in the same room the class is taught, unless you are otherwise notified by the instructor of the course.
  • Final exam blocks should be included in the Course Syllabi based on the time blocks below.

Final Exams periods are scheduled the last week of Spring and Fall terms. For Parts of term 2-90,  final exams are scheduled by the instructor during regular class meeting times. If additional time is needed, instructors should contact the Office the Registrar to confirm classroom availability prior to scheduling an exam.

Exam blocks are determined based on the time and date of the course.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all Dates and Deadlines.

You can also view Scheduling Time Blocks for more information regarding the time block scheduling per semester and part of term.

Non-standard courses

Courses that DO NOT meet in standard time blocks (the time blocks listed below) are scheduled by the instructors and departments in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar. Instructors of these courses should contact the Office of the Registrar to reserve an exam space and day/time. This can be done via email or through the Classroom Reservation Request within JIRA.

  • These courses include labs and one credit hour courses.

Exam Blocks

UWF Fall/Spring Exam Time Block Schedule for 3 credit hour courses UWF Fall/Spring Exam Time Block Schedule for 4 credit hour courses
My Class Meets: Your Exam Block Will Be: My Class Meets: Your Exam Block Will Be:
MWF8-8:50am Monday8-10:30am MWF8-9:10am Monday8-10:30am
MWF9-9:50am Wednesday8-10:30am MWF9:30-10:40am Wednesday8-10:30am
MWF10-10:50am Friday8-10:30am MWF11am-12:10pm Monday11am-1:30pm
MWF11-11:50am Monday11am-1:30pm MW1-2:45pm Wednesday11am-1:30pm
MWF12-12:50pm Friday11am-1:30pm MW3-3:45pm Monday2-4:30pm
MW1-2:15pm Wednesday11am-1:30pm      
MW2:30-3:45pm Monday2-4:30pm MW6-7:45pm Monday6-8:30pm
MW4-5:15pm Wednesday2-4:30pm      
      TR8-9:45am Tuesday8-10:30am
MW6-7:15pm Monday6-8:30pm TR10-11:45am Thursday8-10:30am
MW7:30-8:45pm Wednesday6-8:30pm TR1-2:45pm Thursday11am-1:30pm
      TR3-4:45pm Tuesday2-4:30pm
F1-4:00pm Friday2-4:30pm      
      TR6-7:45pm Tuesday6-8:30pm
TR8-9:15am Tuesday8-10:30am      
TR9:30-10:45am Thursday8-10:30am M6-9:15pm Monday6-8:30pm
TR11am-12:15pm Tuesday11am-1:30pm T6-9:15pm Tuesday6-8:30pm
TR1-2:15pm Thursday11am-1:30pm W6-9:15pm Wednesday6-8:30pm
TR2:30-3:45pm Tuesday2-4:30pm R6-9:15pm Thursday6-8:30pm
TR4-5:15pm Thursday2-4:30pm      
TR6-7:15pm Tuesday6-8:30pm       
TR7:30-8:45pm Thursday6-8:30pm       
M6-8:45pm Monday6-8:30pm       
T6-8:45pm Tuesday6-8:30pm       
W6-8:45pm Wednesday6-8:30pm       
R6-8:45pm Thursday6-8:30pm       
S9-11:45am Saturday9-11:30am       
S1-3:45pm Saturday1-3:30pm       


M= Monday   T= Tuesday   W=Wednesday   R= Thursday   F= Friday   S= Saturday

MWF Blocks (excluding evenings)
TR Blocks (excluding evenings)
Evening Blocks
Night Blocks
Friday ONLY Blocks
Saturday ONLY Blocks


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