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  • Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) on Sponsored Programs
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Policy NumberSR-07.01-10/17
Responsible OfficeResearch and Sponsored Programs
OriginatorResearch and Sponsored Programs
Current Status

New Policy


This is a new policy that establishes the rate for facilities & administrative costs (“F&A Costs”) for sponsored research and the procedures involved to reduce and distribute the F&A Costs.  The University prefers to obtain the full F&A Costs associated with every contract but understands that under certain circumstances there may be a reason to reduce same. This policy states University is to collect the full F&A Costs rate if possible and establishes procedures to reduce the F&A Costs.  The Research and Sponsored Programs department (“RSP”) is established as the entity to negotiate F&A Costs.  This policy establishes how the collected F&A Costs are distributed as among RSP, the principal investigator, department, and college.  This policy is a compilation of procedures and memoranda that were previously disseminated by both the president’s office and RSP.