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This page provides step-by-step resolutions for common issues in 79/174.

Common Issues

Most issued can be resolved by changing microphone settings, disconnecting/reconnecting the call, or restarting the room equipment. See the tables below for additional scenarios.

Starting/Shutting Down a Room

The projector/large format display or a video conference display will not turn on
  • Ensure that the PROJ MUTE button is not pressed
  • Restart the room system via the Crestron Touch Panel
  • If the issue is not resolved, contact a support provider
The projector screen did not lower or raise
The Crestron Touch Panel is not responding
  • Contact a support provider

During a meeting



The remote attendees cannot hear the classroom
  • Verify the meetings settings are correct according to the 79/174 ITS Classroom Facilitator Guide
  • Toggle the microphone mute in the meeting software to verify it is unmuted
  • Select the Recording & Webcam button
    • Select the Audio Settings button 
    • Toggle the mute buttons as necessary and verify the volume levels are turned up
Audio is not playing through the classroom speakers
  • Make sure that the audio device is selected as Speakers / Headphones (Realtek Audio) on PC 1.
  • To do this, click the Speaker icon in the lower-right taskbar and click the carat icon to choose the active audio device.
The audio received from attendees is low
  • Adjust the volume on PC 1 or the Speakers slider on the Crestron Panel as necessary
The wrong source is displayed
  • Verify the Crestron system has been started according to the 79/174 ITS Classroom Facilitator Guide
  • Select the appropriate source (PC 1, PC 2, Laptop, BLURAY, or Doc Cam) followed by ROUTE ALL or the desired source.
Preview screen is blank
  • Move the mouse/tap the keyboard to ensure the PC or Laptop is awake
  • Turn on the SMART Podium via the power button in the lower-left corner


Who is "appropriate support"?
Where can I review training documentation?
Where can I find the video conference checklist?

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075