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This page reviews the general application process for study abroad at the University of West Florida


All students planning to apply for study abroad must attend a Study Abroad Information Session held in the fall or spring semester. INformation Sessions review the general requirements for study abroad at UWF and the forms process outlined below. 

Step 1

Attend a Study Abroad Information Session. All students planning to apply for study abroad must attend a Study Abroad Information Session held in the fall or spring semester. INformation Sessions review the general requirements for study abroad at UWF and the forms process outlined below. 

Step 2

Create a profile in the UWF Study Abroad Program and Application Database at The database is not currently linked to the UWF Banner system, which means students will need to create an account using their email address and UWF ID number. Students may create an account at any time between admission and the program application deadline. Example, a freshman may create an account during their first semester at UWF and apply to study abroad in the fall of their junior year. 

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Step 3

Find a program which meets your academic needs and international interests. Study Abroad Program Selection is different for every student. Study Abroad Services encourages students to find the best program for them as an individual. Students should consider the following when selecting a program: Location, language requirements, courses available, cost, fit for major program at UWF, and personal interest in international culture. To start the application, login to your account at Links to apply can be found in the list of programs be country OR on the program description page.

Screen shots

When students click the Apply option, the forms required for program application will be added to their account profile.

Step 5

Complete the Online and Application Forms for the program. 

a. Online Forms:

  • Conduct Clearance Form is required for all participants to confirm their status with the UWF Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. UWF will not approve a student who is currently on Probation for a UWF Code of Conduct Violation. 
  • Photo Release Form allows students to opt for photo release prior to their program abroad. 

b. Application Forms:

  • Standard Application for Study Abroad is completed by all students. The Standard Application for Study Abroad prompts students to print and submit the Participation Request form if they are applying for an exchange program or program for transfer credit. Students applying for Faculty-Led programs, internships, research or directed study abroad may have additional application forms to complete in place of the Participation Request. 
    • Participation Request Forms must be signed by the student and student's academic advisor before submitting to Study Abroad Services n the UWF International Center, building 71.  
  • The general Essay form requests students to upload an essay regarding why they have chosen a specific program and how the program will benefit them, personally, academically, and/or professionally.
  • For students applying for programs other than exchange or transfer credit (this includes independent research, internships, directed studies, or other activities abroad for UWF credit), students will have an online Advisor Approval Form. After submission, the academic advisor receives an email from requesting review and approval of the course associated with the internship, research or directed study abroad. 
  • Application Forms Specific to a Program may be required. Possible forms may include online recommendation forms, program-specific information that may be useful in applicant review such as previously taken coursework in a subject.

Step 6 (Optional Application step for some programs)

Students may be asked to interview or audition with the faculty leader for short-term programs. Other optional application steps requiring action outside of the Study Abroad Database at may be requested. 

Review of Study Abroad Application

After the Conduct Clearance Form is submitted and Application Forms are completed, students will be marked as "Review" or "Application Review" in their account at The application review process includes verification a student has

  • Attended a Study Abroad Information Session
  • Met the eligibility requirements for studying abroad
  • Submitted the Online and Application forms in the database at
  • Submitted any required printed forms such as the Participation Request. 
  • Completed any Optional application steps such as an interview for the program. 

Approval to Study Abroad

Students who meet all of the application steps and eligibility requirements for their selected study abroad program may be approved to study abroad. Please note, some programs have limited spaces for participants which may result in qualified applicants not being approved to participate if eligibile applications exceed available spaces. If a student is approved to study abroad, the student will receive a notification email from with instructions to login to their account for further action.

Program or Host Institution Application

Students who are approved to study in exchange programs with partner institutions abroad OR in transfer credit programs with other universities or study abroad providers OR in internship program abroad will need to complete the program or host application after UWF approval. Program and host applications vary. Some require online form submission. Others may require students to complete printed forms. Most programs will require students to submit official transcripts and/or recommendation letters or other application items by mail. UWF Study Abroad Services will direct students to the host or program application after they have been approved for their selected program. Students should keep in mind that transfer credit programs and internship abroad programs may require an application fee or deposit. Non-UWF Application Fees or Deposits may vary from $100 up to a portion of the total program fee. 


Before departing from the US, Students should follow instructions for Completing Study Abroad Enrollment Forms.


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