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I'm having a problem with the use of Blackboard Collaborate. How do I contact their technical support? 

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support Contact Methods

The Blackboard Collaborate support portal is located at From the support portal, you will have the ability to create a case based on your problem, look up cases you have opened, locate documentation on known issues, chat with an agent, or contact support by phone. Please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page for assistance in determining when it is appropriate to contact Blackboard Collaborate for assistance.  

Creating a Case

If you would like to create a case from the support portal, first type a brief description of the issue you are experiencing in the "Create a Case" field and click "Submit". Before the case is created, you will be shown a list of articles that may be relevant to your problem. If you are unable to find an answer to your question in their Knowledge Base, click the button that states "Create a Case". You will then be taken to a page to submit a new support case. Fill out all fields to the best of your ability, type out as detailed of a description of your problem as possible, then click the "Create New Case" button. You will receive a response to the email that you submitted in the form. You may also check on your case from the "My Cases" button on the support portal page. 

Phone Support

You may also contact Blackboard Collaborate support by phone. For calls from North America, dial 1(877) 382-2293. If you are calling from outside of North America, please locate the appropriate number from the Blackboard Collaborate Support Phone Numbers page. 

Chat Support

Chat support is also available. From the support portal, click the "Chat with Agent" button. You will be prompted to fill out some contact information and a description of your problem. You should be connected to an agent briefly. 


For more information, including FAQs regarding when it is appropriate to contact Blackboard Collaborate directly, please see Contacting Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support.

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