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This page provides links to instructions on controlling and operating the Building 79 Room 174 Classroom for instructors and facilitators. The classroom is operated through a Crestron Control Panel located on the instructor lectern. The physical computer and Blu-Ray player are located in the credenza in the back of the room. The instructor lectern holds a SMART Podium monitor, SMART Document Camera, and keyboard and mouse for PC 1. A wireless keyboard and mouse for PC 2 are located in the rear of the room on top of the credenza. There is also a facilitator station located in the rear of the room to the right of the credenza.

 picture of classroom

Hardware Standards

  • Instructor Computer 1 - PC 1
  • Instructor Computer 2 - PC 2
  • Facilitator Computer - Connected exclusively to the credenza monitor and table monitor at the back of the room
  • Projector and Screen
  • Amplified Sound System
  • Blu-ray Player
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Document Camera
  • Crestron Control Panel
  • SMART Podium with Pen
  • Tabletop Microphone
  • Wireless Lectern Microphone
  • Ceiling Microphone

Room Capabilities

  • Video Conference
  • Collaboration

Special Requirements


Activating the system

Step 1

Touch the control panel located on the instructor lectern to wake up the display. 

touch panel home screen

Step 2

The home screen of the control panel display will look like the image below. For most classes, you will be using PC 1 (the instructor computer) as the source and Route All as the destination. Route All will send the source to all of the displays and the projector. It will also turn on and unmute the speakers. The speakers will follow the sound from the source. This process also turns on the camera and microphones in the room for video conference based sessions and blended synchronous class meetings. 

First, press the PC1 Main button on the bottom row and then press the Activate System Route All button on the top row.

PC1 Main and Activate System buttons

Step 4

Once the displays are activated, the control panel display will look like the image below.

PC1 shown on touch panel

Changing sources

The control panel has a series of Sources located at the bottom of the display and Destinations located at the top of the display. First chose a Source then choose a Destination for that source. To change sources from PC 1 to another source, press the source (PC 2, LAPTOP, BLURAY, or DOC CAM) and then chose a destination (ROUTE ALL, PROJECTOR, 75" DISPLAY, LEFT DISPLAY, RIGHT DISPLAY, OR SYMPODIUM). The BluRay player and the Laptop dongle are located on the credenza in the rear of the room. 

Web Conferencing

Webex and Google Hangouts Meet video conference sessions will only follow PC 1 and not the other sources (PC2, Laptop, BluRay, or Document Camera). 

Advanced audio controls

Step 1

To change the audio settings in the room, select the Recording & Webcam button.

Step 2

Select the Audio Settings button highlighted below. 

Audio Settings button

Step 3

The INSTRUCTOR'S MICCEILING MIC, and MASTER MICS VOL, represent the microphones in the room that project to an online audience. The FAR END (PC 1) audio represents the audio coming from PC 1, the in room speakers, and the audio coming from an online audience. To adjust the volume levels, press the up and down arrows under the area in that you would like to increase the volume. If the settings are on 0%, you will need to press the down arrow first. 

volume control for a number of microphones

Advanced webcam controls

Step 1

You can check the settings by pressing the RECORDING & WEB CAM button shown below.

Step 2

Privacy Button

The PRIVACY button allows an instructor to turn off the video camera so the online audience cannot view the room. If you are having problems with the online students viewing the camera, check this screen to see if the PRIVACY ON button is red. If the button is red, you can press it again to turn the camera back on. When the privacy button is off the button will say PRIVACY OFF, like the image above in Step 2.  

Privacy On button

Integrating Meet or Webex

The classroom camera and microphones may be integrated with Meet or Webex via PC 1 on the Crestron control system.

  1. Activate the system and route PC 1 to all destinations using the steps above.
  2. Start the Meet or Webex session using PC 1.
  3. Use the video conference settings to verify Meet or Webex have the following webcam, speaker, and microphone settings.

    1. Camera is AV Bridge

    2. Speakers are Realtek Audio

    3. Microphone is AV Bridge

      Google MeetCisco Webex

      various Google Meet settings

      various Cisco Webex settings

  4. Test the speakers with the available Test buttons. The PC or Crestron system volumes may need adjustment if the volume is low.
  5. Speak into the microphone. In Meet, the green horizontal dots will rise and fall if audio is detected. In Webex, the horizontal meter will light up blue to indicate audio is being received at a specific level.
  6. Close the settings and join the meeting.

Video Conference Note:

If you experience issues with your meeting check that the meeting settings match above. If the settings are correct, the test tone can be heard, and the microphone is detecting audio, the issue may be on the remote student's side. Use the Meet or Webex chat feature to tell the student to close their browser and rejoin the meeting as the issue is like on their end.

See Webex Meetings Quick Start Guide for more information on scheduling, starting, and using Webex Meetings.

Facilitator Responsibilities

Facilitators are recommended to follow the guidelines below to ensure a quality experience for instructors and students.

  • Arrive early: 15 minutes before class starts to verify room operations
  • Be ready: To aid with issues or answer instructor questions
  • Report issues: Troubleshoot and resolve or notify the appropriate support

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