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International students need to follow the step-by-step instructions below to complete the International Exchange Application.


Step 1

Go to the Incoming International Exchange Student Application.

Step 2

Log in to Dynamic Forms.

First time logging in

If this is the first time you are logging in, you have to create a Dynamic Forms account.

Step 3

Click the Complete This Form link.

Complete this Form link

Step 4

Click the Enter contact information link.

Enter Contact Information link

  • Enter the appropriate information for your advisor at your home university
  • Click the blue Save button.

    Advisor info, Save button
  • Click the Continue to form button.

Continue to Form button

Step 5

Complete all information for Pages 1 - 7.

first page of form

Step 6

Click the Next button to skip through Pages 8 - 9.

Next button

Next button

Step 7

Submit your Electronic Signature.

Signing a form electronically

Step 8

Please e-mail copies of your passport, transcripts, and other supporting documentation to the UWF international advisor assigned to your home school. Your advisor's name can be found at the Equity, Diversity & International Affairs:  Exchange Program Admission webpage.

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