This page contains a list of commonly asked questions organized by topic.  The list will grow as necessary so check back often.

FAQs - Browsers

What is a browser?

  • A browser is a software application used to retrieve and view websites from the Internet.
  • While there are many different browsers available, the most widely known are Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

While Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the most widely known, there are others:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Netscape
  • Respondus LockDown Browser
  • Opera
  • SpaceTime
  • And many other less known options.

The most important question is: Which Internet browsers have proven to be the most compatible with eLearning (Desire2Learn) and all of the other web based tools we use to develop and implement online instruction?

First, there is a difference between “viewing” and “interacting with” online content. For simply viewing online content it really doesn’t matter which browser you use. However, even something as basic as taking a quiz constitutes “interacting” with online content.

There are essentially two internet browsers recommended by the UWF Academic Technology Center (ATC) and Information Technology Services (ITS).

They are:

  • Mozilla Firefox, and
  • Safari (for Macintosh users)
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is a special case.
    • It is used to improve the security of the online assessment process.
    • The Respondus LockDown Browser is very reliable (for Macs and PCs).
    • And, for its stated purpose, is our only option.


Is there any issue with having all three browsers installed and available on my computer at the same time?

  • Absolutely not.

eLearning Officially Supported Browsers


Internet Explorer 8Supported
Internet Explorer 7Supported
Firefox 3.6 (Preferred)Supported
Firefox 3.5Supported
Chrome (newest)Supported

Mac OS X

Firefox 3.6 (preferred)Supported
Firefox 3.5Supported
Safari 5.0Supported
Safari 4.0Supported
Safari 3.1Supported

Mobile web

Operating system/browser versionStatus
iOS 3 (Safari)Supported
iOS 4 (Safari)Supported
Android 1.5Supported
Android 2.1Supported
Android 2.2Investigation
Blackberry 6Supported


Where do I get these browsers?

  • For the Respondus LockDown Browser, go to the eLearning sign-in page (https://elearning.uwf.edu/index.cfm), and select the link to “Respondus LockDown Browser.
    • Doing so requires your ArgoNet username and password.




FAQs - Incomplete Students

Instructors must send an email to helpdesk@uwf.edu from their facstaff email account requesting the role change from student to incomplete student.

  • In the request, the instructor should include the student's name, username, and the course.
  • The instructor or student must email helpdesk@uwf.edu once they would like their role changed back from incomplete student to student. This will ensure the course does not show for them indefinitely.

FAQs - Respondus Assessment Tool

You can find the Respondus Password in the Software Downloads in MyUWF:
  • Login to MyUWF
  • Locate and click on the Software app or type it in the Search field
software app
  • Click on the link that says Software Downloads at the top of the page
software downloads link
  • Locate and click on the link for the Respondus Assessment tool about half-way down the page
respondus assessment tool link
  • Under the heading titled "Installing Respondus" on this page, you will see a link to view "Respondus Installation Instructions"
respondus installation instructions link
  • The password is located in those instructions

FAQs - Respondus Monitor

If your students receive an error message (like the image below) that there is a problem with the settings for an exam that requires the LockDown Browser and Monitor, the instructor needs to login to the course and access the LockDown Browser Dashboard once in a new course to fix the problem.

example of error message

Sometimes if there is no text in the "Submission Views" "Messages" area, the quiz won't show up in the Respondus Dashboard. The instructor can go into the course and add a space with the space bar and the quiz will show up. Here is the info on the issue: http://bit.ly/2nAR88P

FAQs - Syllabus

Follow this link for instructions (may require a login): https://confluence.uwf.edu/x/9ie8

FAQs - Classes

Visit the Can't See Your eLearning Course? Confluence page for more details.