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For the best file storage experience, Google Drive is strongly recommended. A few of the benefits of Google Drive over H drive are:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Easily accessible from off-campus
  • Mobile access
  • Templates
  • Multi-user access and collaboration on shared files
  • and much more!


FTP provides access to the files on your personal H: drive and other Argonet drives.

FTP Options

  1. MyUWF Web Browser FTP
    MyUWF Web Browser FTP is the quick and simple option. No special software is required.

  2. FTP Client Software: FileZilla
    FTP software is a little more complicated, but can be more convenient for users who need to make frequent updates to many files.

MyUWF Web Browser FTP (Windows)

MyUWF Web Browser FTP requires Windows.

Opening Your H: Drive

  1. Log into MyUWF (
  2. Search for File Storage.
  3. The H: drive for your personal account appear as buttons. If you have access to other folders (i.e. departmental accounts), they appear below.
  4. Click the desired drive button.
  5. Enter your ArgoNet username and password when prompted.
  6. Click Log On.

Transferring and Editing Files

Files cannot be edited and saved directly within your H: drive. To edit a file, drag and drop (or copy and paste) the file from your H: drive to a local folder on your computer. After your edits are complete, move the file back to your H: drive.

FTP Client Software

The ITS Help Desk supports Filezilla, a free FTP Client available for those who want more advanced features when transferring files.

FileZilla: Learn how to Install, Configure, Connect, and Transfer
Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075