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These instructions are for how to Withdraw from a course in the Spring 2019 semester and prior.  For Summer 2019 and forward, please see Withdrawing After Drop/Add.


No students may withdraw themselves from all courses at any point in time (this is considered a University Withdrawal). Students are, however, able to withdraw themselves from all courses, except the last remaining course for the semester within the designated withdrawal period.

bullet Those students wishing to withdraw from ALL registered courses should withdraw from all but one course online, then complete the Last Class Withdrawal via MyUWF to complete and finalize the withdrawal process.

Withdrawing from courses may affect a student's financial aid and/or excess hours.

If attempting to withdraw from a class which would drop a student below the minimum hours required for the student, an error message will appear:

A minimum hours restriction prevented the processing of your request.

For additional information pertaining to UWF's withdrawal policies, please see the Withdrawal portion of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students should not attempt to drop or withdraw from any course in which he/she is going through the Academic Misconduct process. If the student does remove themselves from the course, the student will be manually re-added to the course by the Office of the Registrar pending a final decision from Student Affairs.


To Withdraw from a Course:

  1. Search for, then select the Registration Menu app in MyUWF.
  2. Select "Spring 2019 Registration Only"
    1. Registration Only link
  3. Choose the Add or Drop Classes link.
    link for add or drop classes

    • You may be asked to select a term if not done previously.
  4. In the Action column, select the Withdraw (Web) option in drop-down box next to the course you wish to withdraw from.
  5. Click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.
    action dropdown menu

  6. The Current Schedule page should now reflect that you have successfully withdrawn from the course.
    class that a student has withdrawn from

Medical Withdrawal Process

To qualify for a medical withdrawal, the student is required to complete and submit the Request for Medical Withdrawal Form with supporting documentation to the Dean of Students office (DSO), Building 21/Room 130.

The DSO will review the documentation and determine whether the criteria for a medical withdrawal have been met. The student will receive email notification once the decision has been made. The medical withdrawal process normally takes 10 to 14 working days.

For specific information pertaining to require documentation and policies related to Medical Withdrawals, please see the Medical Withdrawal section in the Catalog.

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