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University Policies (228)
    Page: Continuity of Leadership Plan
    Page: Severe Weather Policy
    Page: University of West Florida Real Property Policy
    Page: Construction Change Orders
    Page: Review and Reporting of NCAA Violations
    Page: Advertisement for Architect/Engineer and Construction Manager Services and Calls for Bid
    Page: Establishing, Modifying, and Terminating Graduate Programs
    Page: Reasonable Accommodation and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (2008) Notice
    Page: NOTE regarding below Sexual Harassment and Misconduct policy
    Page: Establishment of Construction Contract Time and Liquidated Damages
    Page: Qualifications for Faculty to Teach Graduate Courses Policy
    Page: UWF-Sponsored International Travel Insurance Requirement
    Page: General Studies Courses Attendance Policy for First Time in College (FTIC) Students
    Page: Fee Assessment and Remittance (Under Review)
    Page: Student Grievance Process
    Page: Contract Review
    Page: Development of Facility Programs
    Page: Electronic Courseware Addendum
    Page: Electronic Funds Transfer Policy
    Page: Expending Student Fees/Revenue on Non-Travel Meals
    Page: Admission of Applicants with Records of Criminal or Educational Violations
    Page: Awarding of Posthumous Graduate Degree Policy
    Page: Administration of Graduate Programs
    Page: External IRB Requests
    Page: Payments to Non-Resident Aliens (Under Review)
    Page: Consensual Relations Policy
    Page: Medical Immunity
    Page: Personal Identifier Policy
    Page: Fundraising and Solicitation
    Page: University of West Florida Definition of Credit Hour
    Page: Presidential Evaluation Policy
    Page: Financial Reporting Notice
    Page: Assignment and Utilization of Space Policy
    Page: Tenure and Permanent Status (Under Review)
    Page: Investment Policy Notice
    Page: Mandatory Meal Plans
    Page: Risk Management for University Automobiles
    Page: Phlebotomy Policy
    Page: BOT Public Comment Policy
    Page: Distribution of Written Material Notice
    Page: Non-Harassment and Discrimination Policy
    Page: University Flag Display Policy
    Page: E&G Support of Non-E&G Operations (Under Review)
    Page: Compensation
    Page: Medical Insurance Coverage for F-1 and J-1 Visa Holders and F-2 and J-2 Dependents and Spouses
    Page: Design-Build Services Selection Process
    Page: Employee Code of Conduct, Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest
    Page: Alumni Recognition Policy
    Page: HIV-AIDS Policy
    Page: Fund Raising by Student Organizations-repeal
    Page: Fixed Capital Outlay Project Furnishings, Equipment Budget Development, and Release of Funds
    Page: Trespass Authorization Policy
    Page: BOT Spokesperson Policy
    Page: Immunization Requirements
    Page: New Academic Degree Program Approval Policy
    Page: Representation of Accreditation Status in Print and Electronic Media
    Page: Other Revenues/Student Fee Revenue (Under Review)
    Page: Policy on Ad Hoc Committee and Task Force Charters
    Page: Graduate Admission Policy
    Page: Effective Dates of Programs
    Page: Student Distribution of Written Material
    Page: Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
    Page: Administration of Architect, Engineering, and Land Surveyor Agreements
    Page: Missing Student Notification Policy for Students Residing in On-Campus Housing
    Page: Plan Review and Approval by State Fire Marshal
    Page: Graduate Enrollment Verification
    Page: Financial Reporting
    Page: Building Code Inspection Policy
    Page: Procurement Card (PCard) Policy
    Page: Golf Cart and Other Motorized Cart Safety and Risk Management
    Page: Mandatory Meal Plans Notice
    Page: Administrative Rights to a University Computing Workstation Policy
    Page: Complimentary Admissions and Ticket Benefit Policy
    Page: Student Leadership Eligibility Requirements
    Page: UWF Smoke, Vapor, and Tobacco Free Campus Policy
    Page: Alcohol Policy for Student Organization Sponsored Events
    Page: Santa Rosa Island Property Use Policy
    Page: Organizations and Associations Policy
    Page: Distribution of Written Material
    Page: Addition, Modification, and Deletion of Specializations, Minors, and Certificates
    Page: Employee Code of Conduct, Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest Notice
    Page: Seat Belt Policy
    Page: University Media Relations
    Page: Improving the Process of Bestowing Honorary Awards and Recognitions
    Page: Animals on Campus
    Page: Credit by Proficiency
    Page: University Risk Management and Insurance Policy
    Page: Broadband Classification and Compensation System
    Page: UWF Endpoint Computing Workstation Policy
    Page: Misconduct in Research Policy
    Page: Introduction/General Provisions Governing Personnel Matters
    Page: UWF Endpoint Computing Workstation Policy Notice
    Page: Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy
    Page: Student Intellectual Property
    Page: Environmental Health and Safety Policy
    Page: Student Communications Policy
    Page: Change in Duties, Reassignment, Demotion, and Transfer
    Page: Sponsored Research Exemption
    Page: Rigor of Graduate Degree Programs Policy
    Page: Investment Policy
    Page: Concessions Policy
    Page: Weapons on University Property
    Page: Intellectual Property Policy
    Home page: University Policies
    Page: Public Records Policy
    Page: Appeal of Housing Cancellation and Fees
    Page: Parental Notification Policy
    Page: Cell Phone and Mobile Data Plan Allowance
    Page: Art in State Buildings
    Page: Architect and Engineer Evaluations Policy
    Page: University Policy Development and Issuance Process
    Page: Standards of Conduct
    Page: Academic Learning Plans-repeal
    Page: Construction Manager Selection Process
    Page: Student Activities Alcohol Policy
    Page: Capital Improvement Plan
    Page: Lobbying Policy
    Page: Tobacco Promotion and Sales Policy
    Page: Policy Concerning Naming Opportunities
    Page: UWF Information Security and Privacy Policy
    Page: Alcohol Beverages
    Page: Authority to Sign Contracts and Other Documents
    Page: University Mail Policy
    Page: Distance Learning Waiver Policy
    Page: Tree Protection on Campus
    Page: Development of Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Programs Policy
    Page: Commercial Solicitation on Campus Notice
    Page: Undergraduate Student Progress to Degree Policy
    Page: Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship Guidelines
    Page: Credit for Nontraditional Courses, Including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Prior to Initial Enrollment
    Page: Study Abroad Policy
    Page: Study Abroad/International Travel Policy
    Page: Academic Program Termination Policy
    Page: Administration of Construction Manager Agreements
    Page: Electronic Submission of Theses and Dissertations
    Page: UWF Photo/Video Release Policy
    Page: Wildlife and Feral Animal Control Policy Notice
    Page: Student Organization Event Registration Policy
    Page: Skateboarding as a Means of Transportation-repeal
    Page: Accessible Electronic Information and Technology
    Page: Substantive Change Policy
    Page: Reasonable Accommodation and Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 ADA
    Page: Food Safety for Campus Events
    Page: SUS Construction Accounting (Under Review)
    Page: University Fee Appeals
    Page: Revenue Generating Contracts
    Page: Professional Services Selection Process
    Page: Authorized Student Publications
    Page: Institutional Effectiveness
    Page: Public Records Request Policy
    Page: Payroll and Leave
    Page: Official Recognition of Alumni Association
    Page: Alma Mater Policy
    Page: Identity Theft Prevention Policy
    Page: UWF Electronic Communications Policy
    Page: Student Organization Facilities
    Page: Use of UWF Licensed Marks
    Page: Capitalization of Computer Software
    Page: Conflicts of Interest Policy
    Page: National Student Exchange Waiver Policy
    Page: Employee Recognition Program
    Page: Academic Freedom and Responsibility for Out of Unit Instructional Personnel
    Page: Reasonable Accommodation and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act (2008) (ADAAA)
    Page: Medical Immunity Notice.
    Page: Procurement Card (PCard) Program Policy Notice
    Page: Use of UWF Licensed Marks Notice
    Page: Collection of State Employee Receivables
    Page: Distance Learning Policy
    Page: Use of University Facilities for Events and Activities
    Page: Sponsored Institutes
    Page: Web/Internet Privacy Statement
    Page: Wildlife and Feral Animal Control
    Page: Copyright Infringement
    Page: Use of Fireworks on University Property
    Page: Conflict of Interest Policy
    Page: Separations from Employment Notice
    Page: University Publications
    Page: UWF Smoke-, Vapor-, and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Notice
    Page: Hours of Work and Benefits
    Page: Grant-in-Aid 2002-2003
    Page: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy Notice
    Page: Evaluation Policy Notice
    Page: Institutes & Centers Policy
    Page: Camp and Youth Programs Administration Policy
    Page: Detection, Reporting and Investigating Fraud and Misconduct
    Page: Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
    Page: Records Management
    Page: Catering Policy
    Page: Graduate Student Thesis/Dissertation Committees
    Page: Prompt Payment Policy
    Page: Separations from Employment and Layoff (Under Review)
    Page: Signature Authority for Graduate School Policy
    Page: Alcohol Marketing Guidelines
    Page: Health Requirements for International Applicants
    Page: Firearms
    Page: Academic Program Review Policy
    Page: Competence and Qualifications of Instructional Personnel-Faculty Credentials
    Page: COVID-19 Leave Donation Pool
    Page: Emergency Management Policy
    Page: Limits on Credits in Traditional Business Subjects in Non-Business Degree Programs
    Page: Activity and Service Fees
    Page: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy
    Page: Late Night Events
    Page: Library Use Policy
    Page: Evaluation
    Page: Commercial Solicitation
    Page: Leased Property Policy
    Page: Code of Conduct
    Page: Academic Learning Compacts and Academic Learning Plans
    Page: Public Expression and Assembly on Campus
    Page: Bidding, Negotiating, Procurement, Construction Project Administration, and Award of Construction Contracts
    Page: Electronic Newsletter for Students
    Page: Learning Opportunities
    Page: Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment
    Page: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy Temporary Policy
    Page: Policy on Minor Children
    Page: Use of the University Aquatic Center
    Page: Student Grade Appeal Process
    Page: Separations from Employment
    Page: Title IV Repayment of Unearned Tuition/Housing (Under Review)
    Page: Retention of External Legal Counsel, Legal Process and Responding to Communications from Attorneys and Court Officials
    Page: Academic Learning Compact Policies and Procedures-repeal
    Page: Policy on Student Organizations
    Page: Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) on Sponsored Programs
    Page: Hazing
    Page: Student Employment FICA (Under Review)
    Page: Dual-Listed Undergraduate/Graduate Courses
    Page: Disposal of University Information Technology Hardware, Software and Data Storage Devices
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