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Are you having trouble accessing eLearning? Follow one of the processes below to gain access to eLearning.


Please see the sections below for instructions based on your enrollment status:

I am currently enrolled in an eLearning course and have an active ArgoNet account

  1. Log in to MyUWF *
  2. Click the eLearning App **

*If you are unable to log into MyUWF, please visit Recovering your MyUWF/Argonet username or password to learn how to recover your login credentials

**If you can log in to eLearning, but don't see your courses, please visit Finding Your Classes in eLearning (Canvas) for additional details.

I am a Continuing Education student

  1. Visit
  2. Click the green Continuing Education button on the left-hand side
  3. Provide your Login ID and password *
    1. Your Login ID is the email address you used to register for the course
    2. Your password is whatever password you chose after you clicked the Click here to finish the registration process link in the Finish Registration: Canvas email you received
  4. Click Log In

*If you don't know your Login ID or password, please visit Recovering your Continuing Education Canvas Login ID or Password and follow the instructions in the Recovering your Continuing Education Canvas Login ID or Password section.  This section explains how users can recover their login credentials.

I have not registered for courses

We're sorry, eLearning is only available to currently enrolled students or Continuing Education students.

Helpful Links

Accessing MyUWF

Continuing Education eLearning Account Activation and Recovery

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