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This procedure describes how a student would view their excess hours values and the calculations used to generate these values.


Students can search for "excess hours" in MyUWF to locate the excess hours app.  This app will show the student one of the following:

  • A message indicating that the excess hours calculation is not yet available.  This will be shown to the student if the required information to perform an excess hours calculation has not yet been entered by an administrator.
  • A message indicating that the student is exempt from the excess hours surcharge.  This will be shown if the students first year in college was prior to 2009.

  • A message indicating that the excess hours fee does not apply.  This will be shown if the student is not an undergraduate degree-seeking student.
  • A message indicating that the excess hours calculation has not yet been completed.  This will be shown if an administrator has started an excess hours calculation, but has not completed all the requirements to do a calculation.
  • A "thermometer" graphic that gives them a quick summary of where they stand in relation to the threshold
  • A detailed explanation of how their excess hours values are calculated
  • A list of when the excess hours calculation was communicated and acknowledged by the student, as well as the percentage that will be charged once the fee is assessed

    A glossary describing each of the terms used in the explanation can also be found by clicking the question mark icon






titleMy calculation date is old. When does the data get refreshed?

The excess hours calculation is refreshed on a nightly basis for all currently enrolled undergraduate students. Please check back after you have enrolled in classes at UWF.

titleHow are excess hours determined?

For more information go to the Excess Hour web page

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